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Vinicius Jr teams up with TikTok sensation Khaby Lame at Milan Fashion Week

Vinicius Jr teams up with TikTok sensation Khaby Lame at Milan Fashion Week

Internet influencer and TikTok star Khaby Lame’s popularity has shot through the roof over the last year with the Senegalese youngster being sought after by companies for numerous ad sponsorships. Khaby hit the popularity charts for his videos that mocked complicated life hack videos where instead he would go on to show his viewers the simple way of completing the task followed up by his trademark shrug with both hands.

Naturally, football becomes another prospective avenue for sponsorships and collaborations. During the 2021 summer transfer window, football journalist Fabrizio Romano’s Twitch stream on Deadline Day featured an appearance from Khaby, who came into the studio and hit his signature gesture along with Romano.

This signature move was also quickly taken up by footballers as a potential celebration after Real Madrid star Vini Jr hit the move after scoring a quickfire brace against Elche in October. Khaby then took to Instagram to share a video of him watching Vini’s game and the celebration.

The duo has now combined once again for a collab this time in Milan hitting the Khaby move, with Vini sporting a Khaby sponsored hoodie and Khaby donning Vini’s Real Madrid home kit.

The duo was present in the Italian city for the annual Milan Fashion Week and were amongst a host of footballers such as Real’s own Rodrygo in attendance of the event.

Vini is by no means the only footballer to have shared a spotlight with the influencer. Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic linked up with Khaby in November to promote the hit Netflix Korean series, Squid Game.

This second collab between Vini and Khaby perhaps suggests the beginning of a partnership between two very promising and popular individuals in their fields.