Khaby Lame And Luva de Pedreiro Join Forces For Possibly The Coolest Collab Of The Year

The football community was recently treated to an incredible crossover between 2 popular figures, both of whom had humble beginnings before transcending to mega-stardom. 

Shared through their respective socials, the collaboration brought together TikTok sensations Khaby Lame and Luva de Pedreiro. 

Lame, who recently became an official Italian citizen, started off his TikTok career by creating videos centered around absurdly complicated tutorials for trivial tasks. In these TikToks, Lame mocks these complex guides by executing the task at hand in the simplest manner possible.

The core idea isn’t exactly engaging, and that’s where his hilarious facial expressions come into play. The Italian usually hovers between dubious gawks and assertive taunts in a manner only he can produce, paired alongside his signature nonchalant pointing.

The 22 year old made millions laugh, and eventually found himself rubbing shoulders with the likes of Kylian Mbappe, Zlatan Ibrahimovic etc, and even went on to earn a meeting with Lionel Messi.

As for Pedreiro, well nonchalance isn’t quite his thing. The young Brazilian earned fame in the football world by creating TikToks centered around the game itself.

These usually include Luva performing a set of rather impressive maneuvers and skills with the ball, before breaking into extremely enthusiastic celebrations, which include the word that basically became his moniker, ‘Receba’.

The 20 year old quite literally Receba’d his way to meetings with Brazillian superstars such as Neymar and Ronaldinho, all while doing what he loves.

The duo have now come together to grace fans with a hilarious video that can be seen below.

In it, Pedreiro shows up to Lame house without prior notice, and essentially takes over while spraying Recebas left and right.

The Italian can only stare hopelessly while Pedreiro invades his living room, finishes his breakfast and even hijacks his bed. 

However, things eventually boil over when the Brazilian hops into the shower with Lame, uninvited of course. 

Incensed, the Italian finally kicks him out, without even allowing for him to throw on some clothes. 

A just end but a bit unfair on the 20 year old, who made sure to display his gratitude on numerous occasions (obrigado), and even threw on an ‘Italia’ top for good measure.

The collaboration certainly didn’t disappoint, and soon enough, you’ll come across screen grabs from the video circulating as meme templates.