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The Ballboy Who Was Kicked By Eden Hazard Now Owns a Vodka Empire 

The Ballboy Who Was Kicked By Eden Hazard Now Owns a Vodka Empire 

Let’s rewind the clocks to 2013 when Eden Hazard was enjoying his first season at Chelsea. The Belgian was brought to the shores of England to recreate the same magic that he did with Lille in Ligue 1. 

But in a must-win EFL Cup semi-final against Swansea City, Hazard’s desperation got the better of him. With time running out, Chelsea had to overcome a two-goal deficit to seal a spot in the final.

The ball went out of the line and Hazard rushed to collect the ball for a throw-in. However, a teenage ball boy ensured he held onto the ball to give Swansea an undue advantage of time. 

Hazard tried to retrieve the ball from the grasp of this 16-year-old ball boy but failed. And in a sudden moment of angst, he resorted to violence.

The Belgian kicked the ball boy and snapped the ball out of his hands. He rushed for a throw-in, but the referee noted this malicious act and showed a straight red. 

Hazard took the long walk to the tunnel, Chelsea failed to reach the final, and nine years later, Charlie Morgan, the ball boy who stalled Hazard, turned his fortune around to become one of the youngest millionaires in the world. 

This is not a typical run-out-of-the-mill rag-to-riches story. Morgan wasn’t a ball boy because he wanted to make his way to play for a football club or put food on the table for his family, but only for fun.

Morgan is the son of Swansea City’s biggest shareholders, Martin and Louisa, and only wanted to act notorious to the visiting team.

He was successful then, but at present, his triumph in life knows no bounds. Morgan, along with his friend Jackson Quinn has launched a premium vodka brand named ‘Au Vodka.’

The brand sells coloured vodka in fresh bottles, especially gold bottles, which is slowly becoming a hit among its loyal customers. High-end department stores such as Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, and Tesco have these bottles for sale in the United Kingdom.

The business has also taken off pretty well, with the bottles being sold in 40 countries across the world. Keeping this track record in mind, the Times has touted Au Vodka as the company to watch out for in 2023 and has put Morgan on the Times’ Young rich List because of his insane net worth of £40 million. 

At 26, Morgan has everything that anyone can wish for, but his claim to fame truly came nine years ago when he decided not to press charges against Hazard. But at the moment, he would like to be known as a successful entrepreneur and not someone who tussled with a world-class player for momentary stardom.