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Look: Mo Salah Sparks Hair Transplant Rumors as Eden Hazard Shows Off Dallas Moustache

Look: Mo Salah Sparks Hair Transplant Rumors as Eden Hazard Shows Off Dallas Moustache

Mohamed Salah is now in full vacation mode after what was a disappointing end to the 2023/24 season with Liverpool. Despite ending the campaign with 25 goals, he only managed one in the last seven Premier League games under Jurgen Klopp. Mo even got into a bit of a heated scuffle with the manager in the 2-2 draw against West Ham United.

Salah now looks to be totally focused on just relaxing and cooling off during the vacation period. Unlike his European and South American teammates at Liverpool, Salah won’t have to play any tournament before the 2024/25 season is underway.

The Liverpool forward stunned many fans by unveiling his new hairstyle on social media recently. Salah posted a mirror selfie on his Twitter where he appears to have cut down all his curly hair. He seems to have opted to go nearly bald and there are only spots of hair visible on the top of his head.

This might be a ploy to stop early baldness from setting in. Some had speculated that the Egyptian forward might be going bald because of a loss in his hairline last season. That is probably why Salah opted to cut his hair and go for a completely new style. However, there is already speculation being made that Salah might’ve done a hair transplant.

A reason behind that is many footballers who have done hair transplants were seen donning this kind of style before growing a head full of hair. The entire hair transplant procedure demands this, as it’s necessary to allow the new hair grafts to start growing.

While the Liverpool star might’ve opted for a change in hairstyle, his ex-Chelsea teammate Eden Hazard has gone for a new look himself. The Belgian winger is now enjoying his time away from football after retiring in 2023 following many years struggling with injuries at Real Madrid.

Hazard has not become a pundit like many ex-footballers and has stayed off the radar in the last year. But he recently went viral for changing up his appearance and trying something radically different. Normally, the Belgian winger opted for the clean-shaved look or thinly trimmed beard all over his face. He didn’t like to keep much of a moustache at all.

However, Hazard recently decided to try out a possible unique look with ONLY a moustache. It appears that someone asked the ex-Chelsea man to get the ‘Adam Sandler moustache’. This is a style made famous by the popular Hollywood actor, who sometimes likes to be clean-shaved with only a thick moustache on his face.

Hazard got his barber, the ‘A Star Barbers’ (who have over 77,000 subscribers on YouTube) to get this trim done. In a recently released clip, the barber expertly trims down Hazard’s beard and shapes his moustache to look similar to that of the Hollywood celebrity. This is the way in which the viral picture has made its way to social media.

Fans are having a lot of fun with this Hazard picture. Some have compared it to Ted Lasso from the famous TV show. Eden has even been linked to looking similar to how Mason Mount did when he kept a similar moustache. Well, both Hazard and Salah are clearly open to trying out different variations to their appearance during the off-season. While Eden can probably keep experimenting now that he’s retired, Salah will probably hope to get his luscious hair back in time for the start of the 2024/25 season.