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(Photo) Mo Salah laughs off Insta post asking whether Liverpool should ‘keep or sell’ their star striker

(Photo) Mo Salah laughs off Insta post asking whether Liverpool should ‘keep or sell’ their star striker

Mohamed Salah has been a revelation at Liverpool. Nobody could have predicted him to have the kind of impact he has had since he joined Liverpool in 2017.

He is a fan-favorite at Anfield and he has been treating the fans with eye-catching performances in both the Premier League and the Champions League.

Despite a successful 2017-18 campaign, people ruled him out as a one-season wonder. However, he has been anything but that.

An important cog in a devastating front three, Salah is a very important player for Klopp and Liverpool.

Hence, it is surprising when there are questions as to whether he should be sold.

Sky Sports held a campaign to ask whether Liverpool should keep Salah or sell him. The campaign is as absurd as it sounds.

Salah has been one of the best players in the Premier League. Selling him or even thinking of it would be the last thing in the minds of the decision makers at Liverpool.

Similarly, Sky’s silly campaign had Salah himself in splits.

Sky’s campaign found no fans among the Liverpool faithful. They know how valuable Salah has been to them as they close in on their first-ever Premier League title.

Furthermore, Salah’s agent, Ramy Abbas Issa, made sure his importance got across to the media.

He rightly stated that Salah was the top scorer for Liverpool in the Premier League and the Champions League for 3 seasons.

These achievements are despite him not being a centre-forward. This makes it all the more impressive.

Sky have tried to keep their viewers entertained in the lockdown. But, asking whether Salah should be sold is as laughable as it gets.

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