Tweets show how much these Arsenal stars are missing football at the moment

Football fans have been bored out of their minds during the lockdown.

It has been over a month since football was halted and lockdown was ushered in.

There is an uncertainty over when football will return under the looming threat of the pandemic.

Fans have been patiently waiting for action to return. But, that patience has been running thin in the past few days.

The players have been trying to make the best of the lockdown.

They have been training and trying to keep their fitness high.

But, the lack of football has frustrated a lot of them. Arsenal star Mesut Özil is one of those frustrated by it.

He posted a tweet that showed his frustration at not being able to play football.

The sentiment behind the tweet was identified by many people. The most high profile person among them was Özil’s teammate, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

His reply hinted at his eagerness to return to the field in an Arsenal shirt despite being locked in talks over a contract extension for some time now.

While he was optimistic in his response to his father’s plea to remain, the Gabonese has not been fully forthcoming with his decision yet.