(Video) AC Milan star drops footage of his backbreaking workout during lockdown

Serie A may finally be on the verge of a comeback as clubs have started individual training sessions in their facilities.

Among them are Serie A giants AC Milan, after the strict lockdown of two months was lifted recently in the city of Milan.

Even the sight of players donning training kits while working out individually is enough to lift the spirits of fans devoid of footballing action for almost 2 months. 

While it isn’t necessary for us to maintain fitness at a high level, same can’t be said for footballers. They have to keep their body ready for whenever the action resumes. 

Bennacer crushes it

AC Milan’s 22-year-old defensive midfielder Ismaël Bennacer seems to have made the most of this opportunity provided by the lockdown.

The Algerian recently uploaded a video where he can be seen doing a monster workout.

One may even be forgiven to assume that he is a UFC fighter and not a footballer while looking at his training clip. 

Hammers, tyres, ropes, dumbbells, you name any equipment, it probably features in the video.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Bennacer returned fitter than he actually was when the season was stopped due to the pandemic.