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Are We Wolves? Leaked 22/23 Leeds United Third Kit Catches Flak

Are We Wolves? Leaked 22/23 Leeds United Third Kit Catches Flak

Leeds United’s kits for this season have been a mixed bag so far. Created by German sportswear brand Adidas, the home and away threads have landed on opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to fan opinion.

The strictly traditional home kit featuring a dominant white shade alongside blue and yellow trims kept it simple and gathered praise for it.

Unfortunately, plenty of liberties were taken for the away variant, and the end result borders on being an eyesore. 

A jarring tie-dye graphic is strewn about on a yellow base, and instead of invoking a psychedelic effect, it just comes off as absurd. Leeds faithful online felt that same way, and Adidas were rightly panned for the abomination.

With the chance of earning some redemption, the sportswear brand is likely gearing up for an official release of the third kit.

However, through the emergence of a leak, the kit has already surfaced online. And unfortunately, early reactions are far from ideal.

As per this render from the ever reliable, Leeds are heading in the stealth direction for their third kit.

The main shade looks to be Anthracite, accompanied by thick and thin black stripes, giving off a rather pinstriped look, the likes of which are usually associated with formal clothing.

The various badges are arranged in a vertical fashion, lining up one after another, with the Leeds crest going monochrome. 

A peculiar choice can be seen atop the sleeves, as the signature Three stripes feature in bright orange colour.

Standard black collar and sleeve cuffs of the same shade round off the look, which fans have deemed to be unimpressive so far.

Their complaints seem to stem from the look itself, after all, pinstripes don’t really radiate ‘away cup tie’ vibes. 

The appearance of orange feels rather arbitrary, as it accomplishes nothing aside from adding an Autumn flavour to the look. At least the Whites’ Halloween costume is settled eh?

Simply put, the third kit seems to lack a solid identity, the base looks far too formal, while the orange will likely make you feel as if Wolves are in town. 

Of course, judgements are reserved until the kit pops up on the official socials, but so far, Adidas’ efforts look to have missed the mark.