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Photo – Look at Marcelo Bielsa in the background as Luke Ayling celebrated his stunning goal with the Leeds United squad

After all of the turbulence that they endured, this is looking to be Leeds United’s year after all.

After a fantastic start to their Championship season, the Peacocks endured some anxious moments in the middle of their campaign as they kept losing match after match from a winning position, partly due to a lack of defensive application and mostly due to keeper Kiko Casilla’s piss poor performances.

All of this, however, is firmly in the past now. Leeds have begun to look a formidable side once more, notching up comprehensive victories in five successive league games.

In fact, their most recent win, a score of 2-0 against Huddersfield, brought them back the coveted top spot that they had lost midway through.

In the midst of all of this, of course, is manager extraordinaire Marcelo Bielsa.

The gaffer has a glowing reputation of making sure the club he works in punches far above its weight, as he showed with the Peacocks in the latter half of last season.

This time around, his tactics did come under heavy scrutiny after Leeds United went through a nightmarish run of form through December and January. However, his pedigree has shone through and he is now back to being revered by the fans and has surely earned the begrudging respect of his detractors.

Of course, a glance at his expression would give a person absolutely no indication as to what he is feeling; the Argentinian is famous for his reticence in displaying any sort of emotion on or off the pitch.

His stonewalling, however, has only endeared him to both the players and the fans, who delight in finding instances of him doing exactly that. And, on Saturday, they got a perfect example of this behaviour.

The incident happened during Leeds’ win over Huddersfield, when a clinical show of passing and an incredible cross led to a fantastic acrobatic goal from right back and man-in-form Luke Ayling.

It was a goal that broke the deadlock between the two teams and Ayling naturally went to the dugout to celebrate with the rest of the squad.

All of them there were equally as jubilant and rushed forward to celebrate with Ayling, with the exception of one man. Of course, it was Bielsa, who was instead apparently looking at replays of the goal to see if it worked out properly: it emerged later that Ayling’s aerial display was no fluke but a result of intensely practicing that very same scenario a day before the match, on Bielsa’s behest.

It is most certainly undeniable at this point that it is this unassuming Argentinian that has brought about a sea change in the Peacocks; from the rag-tag bunch of also-rans from years past to the fighting unit with dreams of the Premier League it is now.

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(Video) Leeds United fans hit back Hull City with their own miserable chant during 4-0 win

The Hull City game against Leeds United from a few days ago has become quite notorious for the many moments of banter that it produced.

Of course, Peacock fans will regaled for a long time to come by Luke Ayling mocking Hull City’s Kevin Stewart after the match got over.

His display of showing where the teams stood in the points table of the EFL Championship (Leeds are second, Hull are all the way down in eighteen) perfectly summed up the general mood of shithousery directed towards the losing team and its fans.

That Hull City suffered a 4-0 ‘mauling’ at their hands was an irony not lost on the Leeds faithful, as another shithouse moment came after the game, when the Peacocks fans, in full attendance at Hull’s KC stadium, decided to give Hull a taste of their own medicine.

It is generally considered as an axiom that Hull City have one of the more pathetic fan chants in recent times.

Hull City were ‘mauled’ by Tyler Roberts on the day

The combination “You’re getting mauled by the tigers” while fans simultaneously claw the air (indicative of the tiger on the crest) is derided by other clubs as being cringeworthy, to say the least.

In fact, this sentiment is said to be shared by the general public as well, with even the Metropolitan Police having called out the Tigers fans’ drab routine in the past.

On the day, however, Leeds fans decided to take matters into their own hands and mocked the chant with a brilliant version of their own.

Every person in the visiting fans’ stand stood up in unison and started chanting the infamous song, all the while clawing the air much to the misery of the home team.

In fact, despite only being a parody, the modified chant ended up being much better than the original as it could also be interpreted as “You’ve been mauled by Tyler”, a tongue-in-cheek reference to Leeds striker Tyler Roberts’ fantastic brace on the day.

With even fans being resigned to enduring such blatant derision, it is safe to say that Hull are currently undergoing one of their worst seasons on record, and rivals Leeds could not possibly be any happier.

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Leeds United fans find comfort in hilarious footage of Marcelo Bielsa lookalike ‘on the piss with the lads’

Leeds United don’t have much to look forward to these days, apparently.

This once great club, its storied legacy chock full of icons like Billy Bremner, Jack Charlton and Eddie Gray, have now taken quite a drop in stature. The club, once a regular in the top flight and famous for having been a ruthless force in the sixties and seventies, now finds itself in the ignominious position of having to battle it out for promotion from the Championship.

And while they are currently at second place, the Peacocks have had a terrible run of form, having won just two of their last ten league games with only five separating them from seventh position. Grim times, without a doubt

Yet, fans will gladly take their current position any day, considering that the team was stuck in the doldrums of mid-table football just about two seasons ago.

Indeed, whatever meagre achievements the team currently possesses has all been made possible through the vision and dedication of one man: Marcelo Bielsa.

Bielsa is a unique breed of manager, in the sense that he has garnered a massive reputation for himself without ever having managed a big name club. How, you ask? Well, his modus operandi is quite simple; he takes charge of a relatively insignificant club, and by sheer force of will and revolutionary tactics, extracts far more out of the club than anyone could ever have imagined (Athletic Bilbao’s 2011-12 season is a shining example).

No wonder then, that the man is respected across the footballing world and is adored by the Leeds faithful for whipping them in to shape. Believe in Bielsa, as the adage goes.

It was only natural then, that fans would find comfort in something even remotely related to Bielsa during this period of hardship.

In a widely shared clip on Twitter, a man who seems to have an uncanny resemblance to the gaffer can be seen absolutely plastered in a bar. He is, along with other revelers, completely enjoying himself, singing and dancing wildly to Jon Bon Jovi’s classic Livin’ on a Prayer with his hands in the air. Twitter users absolutely loved the video, with some amazed at how this man was the “spitting image” of Bielsa.

Others commented that it was completely understandable, considering the rough few weeks he’s had recently. And with the last two months now in hindsight, one really can’t disagree.

For now, with Leeds so precariously poised in the table, the extremely devout Bielsa really does seem to be livin’ on a prayer.

Check out the viral footage below –

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Shocking stats show just how awful Leeds United have been against Wigan at Elland Road

Doubts emerge over Leeds United’s promotion hopes after Wigan Athletic claimed an ‘impossible’ win against the Whites, as termed by manager Marcelo Bielsa himself.

The aggregate stats from Leeds against Wigan at Elland Road as evaluated for the past two seasons reveals the grim reality for Bielsa and his team.

Despite having a monster share in areas such as possession, the number of passes and chances created, Leeds are having a hard time putting the ball in the back of the net.

To put things into perspective, Leeds scored only a single goal out of their expected 5.67 goals. Meanwhile, in sheer contrast, Wigan outscored their 1.21 expected goals to muster up a total of three goals.

However, the fans suspect the problem lies even further in the shape of defending, particularly during set-pieces, redundant style of play, inadequate use of substitutes and obsession of the coach with certain players, namely the goalkeeper Kiko Casilla and the striker Patrick Bamford, who has been guilty of missing chances.

These are the obstacles fans expect the team to overcome in hopes of avoiding a similar fate as last season.

Although the Argentine coach is respected by the Leeds faithful for bringing the club from mid-table to promotion contention, fans are now losing patience as his style seems to be failing to yearn a fruitful result.

Despite dropping points, Leeds United are still 3 points clear of third-place but need to be wary of upcoming results as they face Nottingham Forest and Brentford in the coming weeks.

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Photo – Bielsa student who helped get Jean-Kevin Augustin hangs out with new Leeds signing after Millwall win

It’s not every day we hear in the news that a young promising player has turned down Manchester United for Leeds United. This certainly was the case with RB Leipzig forward Jean-Kévin Augustin.

After a 3-2 win over Millwall, the new loan signing was spotted with Manchester City star Benjamin Mendy at Elland Road.

Reports suggest that Benjamin Mendy had a role to play in the loan move of Augustin to Leeds rather than Manchester United.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that Mendy would influence such a deal because of his past experiences with Marcelo Bielsa and the fact that both the players have the same agent.

The 64-year-old Argentine is said to have a great influence on Mendy’s development during his career at Marseille.

This certainly comes as another blow to Manchester United and Ole Gunnar Solskjær who are currently struggling to reach their top-four vision as well as unable to sign players in the January transfer window.

Some would say Augustin is too good to play in the Championship, being a player who at the age of 22 already has some European football experience in his CV.

But the player has mentioned himself, working with Leeds’ head coach Marcelo Bielsa was a big factor in his decision to sign for the club.

After a short dip in form in for his previous club Monaco, where he was on a loan deal and managed to score just a single goal, the Frenchman had been linked with a few clubs looking for his service before Leeds United came calling.

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(Video) DoF Victor Orta went wild in the stands after Leeds United struck their 5th goal against Birmingham City

Leeds United went back to the top of the Championship in style after the club from Elland Road won a nine goal thriller 5-4 against Birmingham City.

Marcelo Bielsa’s men certainly didn’t make it easier for themselves against their hosts with Leeds relinquishing their lead 3 times before Wes Harding’s injury-time own goal handed them the win.

Leeds fans were absolutely over the moon after watching their side finally retake the lead after a topsy curvy game and even the club’s director of football Victor Orta seemed absolutely pumped after the 95th minute winner.

The 40-year-old could barely contain his excitement after watching the winner and was spotted having wildly passionate celebrations in the director’s box at St. Andrew’s.

A clip of his celebrations have since made its way to Twitter and fans loved to see the passion on display from the man in charge of handling transfers for Leeds.

Befitting scenes after a 9 goal thriller! Check out Victor Orta’s wild celebrations here :

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Leeds United fans caught on cam taking the utter piss out of Hull City’s infamous “mauled by the Tigers” chant

It seems Leeds United can do no wrong at the moment with the club from Elland Road absolutely flying in the Championship and are sitting pretty at the top of the pile with 46 points.

Marcelo Bielsa’s men seem bent on securing the automatic promotion spot this time around after last season’s heartbreak and grabbed another 3 important points with a 2-0 win over Hull City.

Another dominant performance by the Peacocks gave the home crowd plenty to cheer about and many fans just couldn’t help themselves from rubbing it in the face of their opposition.

11 months ago, Hull City had inflicted a shock 2-0 setback to Leeds at Elland Road and Hull fans taunted the home supporters with the embarassing “mauled by the Tigers” chant which was regarded by many on social media as the worst chant ever.

The home supporters didn’t forget the incident and directed the chant, complete with the hand gestures, towards the away end and were seen having an absolutely laugh during the closing stages of the game yesterday.

Hull City walked right into that one! Check out the hilarious fan cam video from Elland Road here:

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Someone voiced over what Marcelo Bielsa told Danny Cowley at full time and it’s side-splitting hilarious

Leeds United seem to have completely forgotten the disappointment of their failed promotion bid last year and look all set to make the cut this time around if their recent performances are anything to go by.

Marcelo Biesla’s men are absolutely flying in the Championship and registered their 6th consecutive win with a solid 2-0 victory in the Yorkshire derby against a struggling Huddersfield side.

The veteran boss has been cited as the reason for their meteoric rise with the players and fans alike coming out to praise the work he has been doing since taking over at Elland Road.

The Argentine has been praised by numerous opposition managers along the way as well with Terriers’ coach Danny Cowley the lastest boss to acknowledge the 64-year-old for the kind words he offered after the full time whistle.

While 41-year-old coach already told reporters during the post-match presser that his counterpart was offering him and his brother some words of motivation, his clarification didn’t stop a Leeds fan from coming up with his own twisted version of the conversation between the coaches.

Using Biesla’s hand gestures to devastating effect, the fan has made an absolutely hilarious voice over of the meeting between the coaches which should be absolute gold for Leeds fans.

Hilarious stuff ! Check out the clip here :


The powers that be at Amazon have noticed the noise coming out of Elland Road

Having returned from their pre season tour of Australia, Leeds now turn their attention to their last two friendlies against Girona and Cagliari this weekend.

The players surely had a good workout during their time abroad with many younger and fringe players also getting their chance to stake a claim to the first team during the tour.

With the likes of Mateusz Bogusz, Jack Harrison and Gaetano Berardi showing fine form in Australia, Whites supporters will have high hopes of finally seeing their team get back to the top flight this time around.

Another big reason for the high levels of optimism around Elland Road is the fact that Marcelo Bielsa will be at the helm this season as well with the veteran boss making quite an impression with the fans during his first year in charge.

The Argentine managed to get the club playing some very attractive football last season and were favorites to secure promotion for large spells of the campaign.

But it wasn’t to be, as an unpredcedented loss of form during the final games of the season and a shock defeat to Derby County in the play-offs prolonged their 15 year absence from the English top flight.

While the end result wasn’t what the club hoped to achieve, the road to the play-offs was certainly entertaining as the Whites blew away opponents throughout the season with their intense style of attacking football.

The powers that be at Amazon also noticed the noise coming out of Elland Road it seems as the company’s video streaming platform Amazon Prime decided to release a new docu-series featuring the Peacocks.

Covering the club’s push for promotion during the 2018-19 season, the six-part series, which has been narrated by Academy Award winner and Leeds fan Russell Crowe, features exclusive footage of the players and staff, covers the ‘Spygate’ scandal involving manager Marcelo Bielsa and also addresses the controversial uncontested goal against Aston Villa late last season.

With the Argentine boss perhaps being the most influential aspect behind Leeds’ drastic change in footballing style it wasn’t surprising to see Bielsa being heavily featured in the trailer of the upcoming series.

Fans seemed to love Bielsa’s appearance in the trailer and despite the disappointment of missing out on promotion, they seem to be definitely backing the manager this term as well and have high hopes on the Argentine once again overseeing some brilliant football when the Championship kicks off in August.

Check out the breathtaking new trailer below –


Photo – Leeds United have got a slick new pitch at their Thorp Arch training facility

It might not be the best of times for the Leeds United supporters but certainly it’s not the worst.

With Marcelo Bielsa choosing to stay and the club being linked with talented young players from the Premier League they would look to start their campaign with a storm.

The hint of their preparation has come from the picture of their training ground which has emerged online.

All thanks to the groundsman for making the Thorp Arch training ground a paradise to play on.

The pitch looks perfect and will be well suitable for the meticulous approach of training the Argentine employs at Leeds United.

Under the ownership of Andrea Radrizzani and the leadership of Bielsa, the team produced a thrilling campaign for the Whites supporters in the race for promotion last season.

With this rising levels of optimism at Elland Road and now a training ground to be proud of, Leeds stand a better chance than ever to secure promotion to the English top flight in their next campaign.

Check out a picture of the slick new training pitch at Thorp Arch below –
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Photo – Kappa has supplied Leeds United with a first-class training top for next season

Leeds United’s much awaited return to the top flight was prolonged by another year after the club literally threw away the second position after losing 3 of their last 4 games of the regular season.

Whites supporters were almost certain up until that point about breaking their 15-year spell in the Championship after Marcelo Bielsa’s revolution at Elland Road saw the club dominating the qualification spots for large spells of the campaign.

While everyone associated with the club will still be disappointed at the manner in which they threw their promotion hopes despite coming so close, the players and staff will have to get over their failures and focus on having a strong campaign this season.

Th club have already started their preparations for the fight ahead barely five weeks since Derby County ended their promotion hopes at Elland Road as players were seen undergoing light training at Thorp Arch on Monday.

In a short video released by the club, the main squad including the likes of Luke Ayling, Liam Cooper and Kemar Roofe can be seen getting back in shape along with Barry Douglas and Adam Forshaw, who have returned to the fore after spending large spells of the last campaign on the treatment table.

While catching a glimpse of their beloved stars after the summer break delighted supporters they seemed even more excited to see the stylish new training gear the players were sporting.

With the club set to celebrate their centenary season, the kit features a golden centenary badge along with a small lettering repeating ‘Leeds United 1919-2019’ through the middle of the top.

The photos have turned out to be a big hit with the supporters judging by reactions on Twitter and some fans especially loved how Berardi looked in the kit.

One thing is for sure, while it’s too early to tell whether Leeds will secure promotion this year it’s safe to say that they will certainly train in style as they look to fight their way back to the top flight.

Easy on the eye! Check out the new grey training top from Kappa on Gaetano Berardi here :


Brighton defender Ben white drops huge Leeds United hint on Instagram

Benjamin White may have provided further information as to where he will be playing next season with his actions on Instagram.

The young English defender who signed for Brighton & Hove Albion in 2016, spent the past two seasons on loan at Newport County and Peterborough United.

Having been chased after by Marcelo Bielsa last year, it seems like Leeds United might have finally gotten their man.

Subject to a loan deal, Ben White looks to have sealed the deal following his actions on Instagram. Along with the official Leeds United handle, White has also followed Leeds left-back Tyler Denton and Central Midfielder Kalvin Phillips. A done deal?

Pictured below, White’s follower list…

The Whites have a number of signings planned for the ongoing summer transfer window it would appear.

Wolves winger Helder Costa is one addition that Bielsa looks to make as he hopes to reinforce his attack. Ryan Kent was a prospect to bolster the squad for the push for promotion but it looks like the Liverpool player is on his way back to Rangers.

The most shocking of rumours however appear to be the legendary duo of Gianluigi Buffon and Francesco Totti along with French winger Dmitri Payet.

After 30 years with Roma, Totti stepped down as club director as his views were not considered. Would Totti really make a return after hanging up his boots in 2017? The Italian press sure do think that Leeds United have tabled an offer.

Adding to Totti’s possible future at Elland Road is another legend of the game in the form of Gianluigi Buffon. The 41 year old announced his departure from PSG but admits he doesn’t want to stop playing just yet.

With so many options available when it comes to free betting in the UK, the bookmakers are already offering odds on the Juventus legend joining the Championship side with Oddschanger reporting that Leeds United are now 7/1 to sign Gianluigi Buffon following reports in Italy that the Whites are interested in the goalkeeper.

A surprising turn of events as just a few days ago Leeds United were nowhere near to be seen while odds were being dished out for Gianluigi Buffon’s next destination in the world of football.

Porto was the most likely destination for Buffon with odds of 7/4 being offered while the likes of Parma, Barcelona and a return back to Juventus were also the options according to bookies.

It would make sense for Payet to join Marcelo Bielsa again. It was under Bielsa that Payet rose to the highest level of his game and a reunion would not be the most surprising thing in the world. However, the high wage demands would cause a problem for the particular transfer.


This quote from Phil Hay will make you go to war for Leeds United

Leeds United looked set to finally secure their much awaited return to the Premier League last year after Marcelo Bielsa’s revolution at Elland Road inspired the Whites to play some breathtaking football for large spells of the Championship.

The Argentine seemed to have awoken a sleeping giant in Leeds and the club seemed virtually unstoppable at times over the course of the season.

After spending a vast majority of the season in the automatic promotion spots, betting on the Whites to finally move back to the first division seemed like a smart move up until the closing stages of the Championship.

But boy did the tables turn during those last few matches when an unexpected change of fortunes saw Bielsa’s men lose three of their last four matches of the regular season to hand over the second spot to Sheffield United.

And it quickly went further downhill for the Whites from there on, losing the play-offs 4-3 on aggregate to Frank Lampard’s Derby County.

And so Leeds were unable to break their 15-year barren spell and were left behind to hustle it out in the second tier for another year.

Few people were as close to the rollercoaster of a season for the Whites than Yorkshire Evening Post’s Leeds United correspondent Phil Hay.

The chief editor has been covering the team for around 13 years and has experienced both love and hate from Leeds fans for his views on the club’s decisions and results.

The well respected writer has finally decided to leave the YEP after all these years and penned in a wonderful final article discussing his experience of covering one of England’s most historic clubs (Twitter).

His final piece is almost a summary of Leeds’ recent history from his perspective as he talks about some of the incidents he had encountered when he followed the club around the country.

From Massimo Cellino to Marcelo Bielsa, the article covers it all and Phil definitely left his best for the last while describing what it really means to be a Leeds fan.

Towards the end of his article, the editor neatly sums up the essence of being a Whites supporter with a brilliant quote that will get the Elland Road faithful all geared up for the next season.

Looks like Phil Hay left his best for last! Check out the brilliant quote below:


Pic: It’s on – Helder Costa starts following Leeds United on Instagram

It is happening Leeds United fans!

Jack Clarke might be off to Tottenham Hotspur soon considering his rumored activity on Instagram but Leeds are back in the game it seems as Helder Costa started following the club in the same social media platform.

The winger has been heavily rumored to join Leeds United all summer after suffering an average 18 months with Wolves where he failed to evolve with Nuno Espírito Santo’s vision which saw them clinch a stunning 7th spot in the Premier League table last season.

No Wolves fans perhaps has anything bad to say for Helder Costa as despite his average last few months, the winger was in fact a vital part of their rise from the Championship.

Leeds United fans would hope for exactly the same from the Portuguese and maybe even a little more as they get back to the grind again next season under the helm of Marcelo Bielsa.

Check out a screenshot of Helder Costa’s activity on Instagram below –

Pic – Tottenham target Jack Clarke removes “Leeds United player” from his Instagram bio

It appears that Leeds United winger Jack Clarke is on the brink of becoming Tottenham’s first signing since January 2018.

Bookies have slashed odds on the young talent joining Spurs, with Betfair refusing to take bets on the move which they call a “done deal” (Football.London).

Formal negotiations have been in progress between Tottenham Hotspur & Leeds United over the signing of Jack Clarke this summer and it seems few Leeds fans reckon the player himself has dropped a massive hint of the move by removing the “LUFC player” bit from his bio on Instagram.

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the change and took to social media platforms with screenshots of Jack’s apparently new-look Instagram page.

Check it out below –

The winger has come through the ranks at Leeds United, playing 25 games last season, scoring twice and is valued at £20M.


Marcelo Bielsa effect in full display as Leeds United players spotted in pre-season training already

While most of the professional football players seem to be Instagramming their vacations from exotic locations, Leeds captain Liam Cooper and Lewie Coyle seem to be in full-fledged pre-season training already! 

This comes as no surprise as their manager Marcelo Bielsa is well known for inculcating an attitude of tireless work rate in his players.

Often referred to as ‘El Loco’ (the crazy one), complacency isn’t something that is seen or tolerated under his management and the players seem to have realised it as well.

Leeds United under Bielsa are looking to recover from their heartbreaking downfall at the end of the last season where they missed a chance of a direct promotion to the glory of the Premier League by losing three out of their last four fixtures and dropping down to 3rd position to Sheffield United on goal difference.

What followed was a flurry of injuries which eventually resulted in them losing to Derby County in the playoffs.

Cooper played an integral part of the defensive setup for Leeds last season, starting in 38 games but had his fair share of criticism especially after the 2nd leg of the playoffs against Derby County where he gave away a crucial penalty.

On the other hand, Coyle was on loan at Fleetwood Town and will be hoping to be a part of the Leeds squad this season. 

With both the domestic and international transfer windows already opened and the fixtures for the EFL Championship and the Carabao Cup to be released by the 20th of this month, there seems to be no rest for the management as they’ll hope to bring in reinforcements and begin their campaign on 3rd August, the first game week of the Championship.

Leeds are set to travel to Australia for their pre-season matches next month against Manchester United and Western Sydney Wanderers on the 17th and 19th respectively. 

Under the guidance of a manager who Pep Guardiola once hailed as “the best coach in the world” and a group of determined young players, exciting times lie ahead for Leeds United.

Check out the clip of Cooper and Coyle working hard at a gym in Hull below –


Leeds United owner drops a massive Helder Costa hint on social media

Wolves winger Helder Costa has been reportedly linked with Leeds United, and owner Andrea Radrizzani might have confirmed the same with his social media activity recently after the Italian businessman liked a post showing Helder Costa’s stats in the Championship.

As Marcelo Bielsa looks to put on a team with more quality for securing a top tier promotion next season, there’s a need for more dynamism and Costa fits the bill perfectly.

The wide winger thrived in the Championship since his arrival, scoring 15 goals and laid on 14 assists in 71 games. Thus, playing a significant role in Wolves’ promotion to the top flight.  

The Wolves ace has fallen out of favor though since their start of the campaign in the Premier League.

Helder Costa featured 25 times for Wolves this season and scored just one goal.  As Wolves boss Nuno prefers a two man attacking line, Costa has fallen way below in the pecking order.

City demands a whopping 20 million pounds to make Jack Harrison permanent, while Tottenham look to snap away Jack Clarke away from Elland road, Costa looks a more viable option for the Whites right now.

Given the talent and trickery that he has to his name, the Portuguese can very well thrive in Bielsa’s system once he gets the attacking freedom.

Signed for 13 million pounds back in 2017, Wolves would demand a price north of the 15 million mark.

There are speculations that Leeds is also ready to take Costa on loan.

Given the demands for a good squad depth by the Leeds boss and a need for invigorating the squad with new faces, Helder Costa would indeed be a good addition.

Check out a screenshot of the tweet that Andrea Radrizzani liked below –