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Look: Archie Gray Steps Out with Mystery Woman at EFL Championship Awards

Look: Archie Gray Steps Out with Mystery Woman at EFL Championship Awards

Leeds United midfielder Archie Gray is on top of the world. Having recently won the EFL Championship Young Player of the Year award, he’s now determined to help the Whites get back to the Premier League. Gray is attracting interest from major clubs and has recently been linked to a possible summer move to Liverpool.

The 18-year-old has been a stalwart at Leeds this season, making 41 appearances in the Championship. Renowned for his flair on the ball, passing ability and tough-tackling nature – the teenager is already being touted as a future England regular. Gray likes to keep a lid on his private life, being able to separate the demands of his footballing career and switch off in his personal time.

However, at the EFL Championship awards, he recently turned up looking dapper and with his partner! The 18-year-old finally switched the Leeds jersey to wear a sweet three-piece suit and definitely styled up for his big evening as well. Along with his family members, Archie also made a super rare appearance with his girlfriend.

For Gray’s family, this was a proud moment of what they hope is the first of many awards in his career. The 18-year-old actually comes from a footballing background, as both his grandfather Frank and uncle Eddie used to play for Leeds United. In fact his younger brother, Harry, is also currently playing for the Whites’ academy.

Football runs in the blood of the Gray’s and the beautiful game is THE priority for the Englishman for now. However, it does seem that he has gotten into a relationship which the midfielder has been able to keep up under wraps rather well. Archie decided to break the ice and show the world that he wasn’t single by turning up with a beautiful girl beside him.

The rather surprising thing is that he isn’t dating any noted influencer or model, despite having the popularity of doing so being a pretty prominent footballer. The exact identity of the girl that he is dating is still a bit of a mystery and actually became the topic of some debate among the Leeds faithful after the first picture of them together emerged online.

In fact, some supporters are confused over the age of Gray’s partner.

There is a feeling that she is actually much older than him, not like that’s a problem for footballers. Gerard Pique, for example, dated Shakira (10 years older than him) for many years before their separation. Irrespective, it doesn’t seem like Gray’s girlfriend is that older than him and his baby-faced personality might’ve had a reflection on her age.

Some fans even felt that the woman beside Gray here was his mother. However, that has since been dismissed because Archie’s mother Giorgina, someone he has cited as one of the biggest motivators in football, isn’t a blondie. Giorgina’s hair is more of brownish and she was present in the awards show to help Archie celebrate his first big moment in his football career.

Despite all these comments, there is still a bit of mystery over exactly who this woman here. Someone even commented it to be Nadine Coyle from the girl pop group Girls Aloud – who is twenty years older to Archie – but it’s quite clearly not her.

The girl is likely to be Gray’s childhood sweetheart or someone he connected with whilst coming up the Leeds United academy before his breakthrough this season. While the 18-year-old can be an energetic and menacing figure during matches, he clearly likes to maintain secrecy over his public life.

That might change once Gray’s popularity grows, but for now, he seems to be more than happy to make very rare public appearances with his partner or beloved close ones.