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Trending: Leeds United 24/25 Home And Away Kit Concepts With Red Bull Logo

Trending: Leeds United 24/25 Home And Away Kit Concepts With Red Bull Logo

Leeds United might have narrowly missed out on Premier League promotion last season, but they’re now set to embark on a new era with Red Bull. The Whites recently announced that the popular energy drink manufacturers will become their front of shirt sponsors starting in the 2024/25 season.

Moreover, Red Bull has also provided an additional investment to claim a minority ownership stake. This has been done just at the nick of time, with Leeds being in danger of financial losses if they weren’t able to get the deal done with Red Bull. Now, the Whites can look forward to strengthening their team going into the 2024/25 Championship season.

Even though Adidas are still Leeds’ shirt manufacturers, they’ll have to implement the Red Bull logo onto their kits for the upcoming campaign.

The German brand doesn’t seem to have finalized Leeds’ kit designs yet because of the recent turn of events, but the attires are expected to be launched well before the 24/25 season begins.

But that has not stopped the super-excited Leeds United faithful from coming up with their own concept designs for what their attire could look like next season.

The ‘Blue’ Red Bull Logo

One pretty popular 24/25 home kit design sees the iconic Leeds White shirt having blue stripes on the shoulders and a yellow pattern in the sleeve area.

However, this shirt has the two ‘bulls’ in the Red Bull logo in blue – which is a change from the normal red color of the icon. An away kit that is also designed by the same concept artist shows off a blue kit with yellow stripes on the shoulder areas and white shirt sleeves.

This also has a throwback Leeds United logo instead of the normal one. However, the logo of their new front-of-shirt sponsors are changed to just having the initial ‘Red Bull’ inscribed in white.

OG Red Bull Logo With Unique Away Kit

Another Leeds fan on Twitter has given it a go about how their kits could look like with the new sponsors going forward. This person’s home kit design sees the white shirts having blue stripes on the shoulder regions and also a blue pattern on the sides of the attire. However, the most notable change in this is how the color of the bulls in the Red Bull logo is changed to red and a yellow bit in the midst of them – which is the pattern that the brand is likely to demand.

The away kit made by this kit shows a yellow kit that has blue patterns around the sides of the kit and the shoulder region too. There is a ‘Red Bull’ symbol inscribed in the middle, but a more prominent aspect is the Leeds United ‘smiley badge’ replacing their current one.

The smiley badge is a rhombus symbol placed in a blue circle. This was designed by acclaimed British sports artist Paul Trevillion and was kept as the club’s official badge for many years in the 1970s. There are rumours that Adidas might pay homage to the badge by bringing it back for their away kit next season.

A concept third kit design has also been created by this individual. This one has a real radical look of a maroon and black shades and is inspired by Arsenal’s third kit design of the 2024/25 season.

The Joke ‘Red Bull’ Kit

Some Leeds fans are also having a lot of fun in joking around when it comes to imaging how their kits are going to look like with Red Bull as their new sponsors.

It’s quite clear that most Leeds United fans are excited about their future with Red Bull as their front-of-shirts sponsors. The club are going to be able to bag a decent financial boost thanks to their partnership with the Austrian brand and will hope that Red Bull acts as a lucky charm to help them get back to the Premier League in 2025.