Cristiano Ronaldo flounces out in angry outburst during Portugal v Serbia qualifier, a timeline

You just know that the image shown above is going to resurface again if the horrible refereeing decision last night has any repercussions on Portugal’s qualification for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Cristiano Ronaldo and co. were robbed of a certain goal in the dying minutes of their qualifier against Serbia at the Red Star Stadium.

The match between the two Group A sides might have ended 2-2 eventually, but Portugal seemed to had won the game against Serbia via a 94th-minute Cristiano Ronaldo goal.

The ball clearly crossed the line but it was waived as no goal by the on-field referee as the lack of Goal-line Technology and VAR was horribly felt by the Portuguese contingent.

The Real Madrid legend pleaded with the referee as the game went on after his shot was deemed not to be a goal and his incessant reaction was met with a yellow card from the man in charge.

The Juventus star was not happy as he threw his armband on the floor and stormed off the pitch in an angry outburst following the full-time whistle.

Here’s a timeline of the incident as Twitter was in outrage against the injustice suffered by the Portugues national team –

One of football’s greatest robbery

Talk about rubbing salt on his wounds

Justified angry outburst

The referee apologizes for his error

Ronald leaves a rousing message for his fans