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IShowSpeed Gets New Cristiano Ronaldo Tattoo – It Looks Like CR8

IShowSpeed Gets New Cristiano Ronaldo Tattoo – It Looks Like CR8

IShowSpeed has gained the majority of his popularity on social media and across Youtube thanks to his dedication to Cristiano Ronaldo.

The YouTuber with over 15 million subscribers is the self-proclaimed ‘biggest Ronaldo’ fan and does not shy away from showing his love for him.

However, Speed has had pretty back luck when it comes to dealing with anything involving Ronaldo over the last few months.

Before the Qatar World Cup, he even travelled to England to watch his idol in action live during Manchester United’s Carabao Cup game against Aston Villa in November.

He had the best seats at Old Trafford, but Ronaldo was not even in the squad for that game.

Speed decided to stick around to travel to London where United faced Fulham in their final game before the break. Ronaldo didn’t even play in that game, leaving the superfan hanging and upset again.

Soon after that, the Portuguese forward would give that shocking interview with Piers Morgan and subsequently have his contract terminated by United.

After that setback, Speed decided to travel to Qatar to watch Ronaldo in action as part of the Portugal squad.

But it was almost as if bad luck followed him. He watched Portugal’s two games in the knockout stages and on both occasions, Ronaldo did not start.

They ended up being eliminated by Morocco in the quarter-finals, leaving Speed distraught and an absolute mess.

To make things worse, Lionel Messi went on to win the World Cup and forced Speed to wear an Argentina kit at the end of the World Cup final.

Now with that competition long gone and Ronaldo having joined Al Nassr, Speed has promised to keep following him even in Saudi Arabia and keep being his biggest fan.

The teenager decided to take things to another level in showing his dedication to the 37-year-old forward.

Speed recently decided to get his first-ever Ronaldo tattoo in the ultimate ode to him. But things went horribly wrong as the final product was unveiled.

Speed brought a picture of Cristiano in a Portugal shirt and wanted it inked to his bicep.

The tattoo artist ended up completely botching the artwork, coming up with a design that looks like a rip-off version of the Portuguese forward’s face.

Speed was not amused by the reveal of the horrible artwork either, as he screamed ‘Who is this?’ before the tattoo artist responds ‘That’s Rolando’ bro.

The YouTuber was absolutely infuriated by what he saw and fans just can’t get enough of this truly cringe tattoo either.

But fans just can’t get enough of mocking this hilariously bad tattoo.

Some have claimed that the artist ended up drawing ‘Cr8’, while this has also been linked to the horrible Ronaldo statue that was unveiled in Portugal a few years ago.

Someone even linked this disaster to the hilarious meme picture of a Lara Croft fan getting a disastrous tattoo of Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider many years ago.

Speed will probably have to erase that tattoo from his biceps, but this hilariously embarrassing reveal adds to his bad luck with Ronaldo.