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Awkward Moment Ishowspeed Confuses Fake Cristiano Ronaldo For The Real Man

Awkward Moment Ishowspeed Confuses Fake Cristiano Ronaldo For The Real Man

Cristiano Ronaldo has been hogging up all the headlines ahead of the Qatar World Cup. But it’s not because of what he’s done in training or on the pitch during matches.

It’s because of his explosive interview with Piers Morgan, which was not authorized by Manchester United and in which he has vented his frustrations at the various issues at the club.

In the scathing interview, the Portuguese forward lambasted Manchester United for failing to evolve since 2009.

He claims to be feeling ‘betrayed’ by the Red Devils for trying to push him out of the club. Ronaldo has also lashed out at manager Erik ten Hag, claiming that he doesn’t respect the Dutchman.

Since his shocking quotes were released, the majority of the United fan base has turned their backs on him.

They don’t want Ronaldo to be part of the club going forward and for the Red Devils to terminate his deal. However, some of his biggest fans are still worshipping him – including his famous fanboy IShowSpeed.

Speed has had an eventful week, as he visited England over the last week to attend a few of United’s matches before the World Cup break.

He visited Old Trafford to watch the Red Devils’ 4-2 win over Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup but was gutted to be unable to meet his idol due to Ronaldo being ill for the game.

Speed then visited Craven Cottage for United’s game against Fulham, but Cristiano was not involved with the squad for that one either.

Speed had a hilarious breakdown on Sky Sports during the matchday before the English broadcasters cut all their ties with him after getting to know about his misogynistic comments in the past.

Speed travelled all the way from the United States of America to the UK in hopes of being able to meet his idol, but couldn’t do what he made the trip for.

However, the teenager got a chance to meet ‘his hero’ in a live stream at the Paradox Metaverse. Speed was surprised by his co-hosts, who brought a person who looks very similar to Ronaldo and has the same kind of hairstyle as well as facial expressions as him.

Speed, staying true to his ‘character’, went crazy after watching him and could not believe his luck. He hugged the Ronaldo imposter and even took a selfie with him, as it took him quite a lot of time to actually realize that this wasn’t the real Manchester United player at all.

The American YouTuber was furious with that and did his ‘bark’ at the imposter Ronaldo. He then had a bit of a meltdown, asking him who exactly he is and whether he’s the ‘brother’ of the Portuguese forward.

The fake Cristiano, dubbed as ‘CR8’ looks almost identical to the 37-year-old apart from a few obvious details that can make you tell the difference.

For Speed, his quest of meeting his actual idol goes on. With Ronaldo likely to leave United in January, it’s unlikely that he’ll meet him as a player for the Premier League side.

But knowing his dedication, the teenage sensation will, eventually, fulfil his dream of hanging out with his favourite player.