Internet Isn’t Having Thogden Calling World Cup Challenge ’15 Hour Shift’

There are few individuals as divisive as Thogden on the Football YouTuber scene, and the use of ‘divisive’ might actually be an undersell in this case.

Despite boasting a subscriber count of 1 million+ on YouTube, the English Vlogger is mostly loathed by Football fans. 

Reasons for this include his amateurish and slapdash opinions, as well as his tendency to switch loyalties at the flip of a coin.

This in itself is enough to rile fans up, but Thodgen’s unnecessarily emphatic goal celebrations only lead to more animosity. 

Examples of this came during the World Cup, as Thogden attempted to do the #ImpossibleChallenge and attend all 64 games.

A viral clip from his month-long endeavour displayed the YouTuber sporting a Belgium kit while celebrating a goal for the Red Devils. 
Despite being neutral, his celebrations were far from tame, as he joyously tapped on the nation’s badge and even got in the face of a spectator. 

The bizarre antics drew plenty of criticism towards the YouTuber, and the negativity has persisted since. 

Thogden himself spoke on the hate he has received during a recent appearance on ‘The Fellas Podcast’, hosted by fellow YouTuber Calfreezy.

He said, ‘It’s tough sometimes to think because I enjoyed the Euros so much and in the World Cup I got so much stick. I got so much love during the Euros and I don’t know why, I don’t know why it’s so different. So it was pretty difficult during the World Cup to see the timeline just going for me.’

He elaborated further on his World Cup experience, ‘ I remember, we had some days where we were working 15 hours, going to 4 matches, running around. Then at the end of it, I was working with my editor to make sure of what I wanted. And when you finish what is a 15 hour shift, I was finishing days at like 2 AM, and then there’d be a match at 10, so I’d be up at 8.

So I’d be barely getting any sleep, and I’d be checking Twitter at the end of the day just seeing like (the abuse), and (thinking) what’s this all for? Why do I bother?’

Judging by his tone, Thogden’s words seemed genuine and heartfelt, after all, abuse can get to anyone, no matter their influence. 

However, some of his grievances failed to convince fans on Twitter, who quickly pointed out that the YouTuber still has it better than a regular 9-5 worker. 

The general opinion among fans was that being paid to watch football games all day isn’t such a laborious task, especially when you consider that his tickets were free, and the YouTuber probably profited out of the whole ordeal. 

Twitter users also set their sights on his ‘sleep schedule’ gripe, stating that 6 hours of sleep for an entire day of watching World Cup Football is a feasible sacrifice. 

The reception overall was far from desired, and unfortunately, Thogden’s honest admission only led to more criticism.