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Here’s Why Thogden Refers to Bolton Goalkeeper James Trafford as His Brother

Here’s Why Thogden Refers to Bolton Goalkeeper James Trafford as His Brother

With plenty of Internet fame to his name, Theo Ogden, popularly known as Thogden, is effectively an online celebrity.

The Youtuber and Vlogger has amassed a sizable following through his Football-centric content.

From match-vlogs and FIFA clips to chats with players and Tiktok explainers, Thogden covers all bases, which has led to a noticeable boom in his fan following.

The intrigue around the 22-year-old is higher than ever, and the Youtuber himself always manages to turn it into a topic of discussion.

More recently, fans appear to have taken an interest in Thogden’s inner circle and his family and friends, or more specifically, his ties with Manchester City goalkeeper James Trafford.

Most fans are already well-acquainted with his father, who runs a Youtube channel aptly dubbed ‘Thogdad’. And for a long time, he was known to be Thogden’s only relative in the public eye.

But now, speculation surrounding the 22-year-old’s ‘brother’ has been popping up online, a result of Thogden openly referring to James Trafford as his twin sibling.

For those uninitiated, Trafford is a product of Manchester City’s academy.

Since joining in 2015, the 20-year-old has climbed through the ranks to earn a spot in the first-team reserves.

The keeper has also earned some important loan moves in the process, including a very successful spell at Bolton Wanderers.

As mentioned earlier, his affiliations with Thogden began nearly 4 years ago, and it was the Youtuber who approached him initially.

He did so on account of Trafford’s appearance, as Thogden received hundreds of messages stating that the keeper is his very own doppelganger.

The pair began conversing on Instagram, before linking in person shortly after. And as expected, they did look very much alike.

Following their meeting, Thogden turned into Trafford’s biggest fan, as he publicly hyped up the keeper on numerous occasions, all while referring to him as his ‘twin brother’.

While they weren’t brothers in reality, the duo did turn into mates, and as per the Youtuber, Trafford has even been inside his house.

The pair probably got even closer after the 20-year-old joined Bolton on a loan in 2022, as Thogden himself is a Wanderers supporter.

James Trafford

In his reaction to the loan move, Thogden expressed plenty of excitement and stated that Bolton had a great player on their hands.

His comments were reaffirmed by Trafford’s performances, as the keeper was voted as the club’s young player of the year for the ongoing season.

In addition to this, the City loanee broke numerous records at Bolton, including the record for consecutive clean sheets in a row, as he managed to keep 9.

The journey of their friendship is wonderfully recounted by Thogden himself in this video, one which also confirms that the pair aren’t actually brothers.