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Meet Vicann During and Adam Brett, The Insanely Jacked Brighton Physios

Meet Vicann During and Adam Brett, The Insanely Jacked Brighton Physios

Someone’s being lifting weights at Brighton, we believe. No, we’re not talking about the Seagulls’ players.

The physio from Brighton camp were in spotlight with their incredible physiques following Brighton’s trip to Stamford Bridge earlier in April, catching the attention of fans everywhere. The away fixture for Brighton, which saw them secure a 2-1 win over the woeful Chelsea, did not start the way Roberto De Zerbi and his men would’ve hoped. After conceding first within 15 minutes, the Seagulls were met with yet another setback around the 35th minute when Brighton striker Evan Ferguson sustained an injury.

The knock prompted the Brighton physios to rush onto the pitch to assist the young player, and out came two bulky, almost-looking-like-bouncers physios with the medical kit. The viewers were caught by peak surprise at first glance.

Fans were left wondering about the identity of these two bulky doctors, whose presence and striking appearances were hard to ignore. Well, we decided to dwell deep in attempts to find out about the whereabouts of the two “bodybuilders-turned-doctors.”

One of the physios, Dr. Vicann During, is a Sports and Musculoskeletal Physician with years of experience. Prior to joining Brighton’s medical staff, During held prominent positions at London Irish Rugby and Premier League club West Ham United, before taking over as the Brighton physio in April 2023 after the departure of long-standing club doctor Stephen Lewis, who joined Premier League rivals Fulham.

Dr. During also had experience working alongside the England National Team setup. The Manchester resident has been a part of the medical teams of England’s U-21s, U-19s, and U-18s squads. The doctor with a bouncer’s physique worked with some of England’s finest youth talents, as well as the stars of English football like Declan Rice, before stepping foot inside the Brighton & Hove Albion medical team.

Apart from his exploits as a sports physiotherapist, Dr. Vicann also works with White Hart Clinic, a local multidisciplinary clinic operating in Barnes, London. The physio specialises in managment of joint, muscular and other soft tissue complaints, working with the NHS community musculoskeletal clinic, as well as providing his services as a dietician.

The other physio, Dr. Adam Brett, has been with the Brighton medical team for almost a decade. Initially joining as a physiotherapist, Brett now serves as the Head of Medicine & Performance at Brighton. With a FIFA liscensed Diploma in Football Medicine, Adam is one of the finest and longest-serving medical professional in the Premier League.

Specialising in sports science and sports physiotherapy, the muscle-freak Brett worked as a physiotherapist early on in his career with various rugby teams across England, honing his skills in the field. The 41-year-old leads Brighton’s medical team, ensuring the fitness of world champions like Alexis MacAllister.

The physios’ impressive physiques created a buzz among fans, leading to reactions on social media platforms like Twitter. Supporters were amazed and intrigued by the robust appearance of Brighton’s medical staff, expressing their astonishment online.

One fan commented, “This Brighton Physio is hench wtf”. Meanwhile, there were few who seemed ready to play one of the physios as a centre-back in their teams. “That Brighton physio could’ve defeated covid” commented another user, whereas one fan compared During to Bobby Lashley. Pretty accurate we say.

The injury to Ferguson, though definitely detrimental to the Brighton squad, wasn’t all gloomy on the given afternoon. The substitute to Ferguson, Danny Welbeck made his way to the pitch and minutes later, scored an equalizer moments before half-time, inspiring the Seagulls to a 2-1 victory over Chelsea, credit to a Julio Enciso 30-yard screamer in the 69th minute. Currently sitting at the sixth spot in the Premier League table, Brighton look set to qualify for the Europa League come the next season.