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Look Who Spotify Are Recommending When You Type Rasmus Hojlund In The Search Box

Look Who Spotify Are Recommending When You Type Rasmus Hojlund In The Search Box

Hojlund’s tenure with Manchester United has definitely not gone as he would have hoped.

Since his transfer to the Premier League, the Danish striker is yet to find the back of the net in the league. If we know football fans correctly, they are not going to miss any opportunity to call him out and mock him mercilessly. Apparently, Spotify has now also hopped on that train and resorted to taunting the striker on their streaming platform.

It all started when the internet discovered a Rasmus Højlund doppelganger on TikTok from Australia. He is an aspiring singer named Sean Milis.

Sean Millis released his single ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ on October 13, 2023, on TikTok, amassing over a staggering 158.3 million views and on YouTube, where it recorded over 134k views. The song is also available on Spotify, accumulating around 573,653 streams.

However, not all the views are from avid music lovers.

Actually, the song went viral not because of its lyrics or tune, but due to football enthusiasts on Twitter.

Numerous supporters rightfully highlighted a striking resemblance between him and the Manchester United striker.

What’s even more amusing is how the title of his track perfectly summarizes Højlund’s circumstances, as the striker is patiently ‘Waiting on a Miracle’ to register his debut Premier League goal for the club.

Manchester United supporters have seized this opportunity to flood in with memes about the striker.

And now, Spotify has also joined in on that trend and they are quite witty about it. According to a new revelation on Twitter by @Thogden, whenever one searches ‘Hojlund,’ Spotify will recommend the very song, ‘Waiting on a Miracle,’ and under the artist section, it suggests the name his lookalike, Sean Millis. It seems Spotify is also aware of the resemblance.

Sean Millis himself is also quite aware of the comparisons and seems to rather enjoy his newfound fame. The singer admitted to receiving numerous memes and comments in the chat referencing Højlund. He confirmed that fans have also been trolling him for not being able to score goals in the Premier League.

However, Millis has cleverly leveraged the virality of his image as an opportunity to promote his latest song, ‘Waiting On a Miracle.’

He frequently poses in a Red Devils jersey for his TikTok live and Instagram posts, engaging in football-related content to promote himself.

Additionally, he has sent a message of support to the Manchester United striker amidst his goal drought.

The singer sent out a video message for the striker stating, “Hey Højlund, this is a video for you, my brother. I know you are ‘waiting on a miracle’, and I believe in you. I’m excited and cannot wait to see you score in your next game. I hope you like my song, ‘Waiting on a Miracle.’ You’ve got this, man. You’ve got this.”

Højlund has also appreciated the support by liking his message on Instagram reel.

When bought from Atalanta, Manchester United fans hoped that Højlund could recreate something similar to Haaland’s success at Manchester City. However, the £72 million signing is far from achieving that. Having already played 15 games, he is yet to score his debut goal in the red shirt in the Premier League.

However, on the other hand, the Danish striker ended the group stage of Champions League as a joint top scorer with 5 goals.

So, we know that Højlund definitely has that scoring prowess in him. He just need a ‘miracle’ to break the Premier League curse. We’re all in anticipation that he can find the back of the net as soon as possible. His doppelganger surely is.