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The Unexpected Chemistry Between Ishowspeed And Pat Crerand We Weren’t Expecting To See Today

The Unexpected Chemistry Between Ishowspeed And Pat Crerand We Weren’t Expecting To See Today

Ishowspeed has become a sensation in the football world ever since his Livestream, where he mispronounced Cristiano Ronaldo’s name and made a funny impression of his signature celebration “Siuu” went viral.

Since then, he has met several football stars already and has gained a significant following due to his funny antics and edgy comedy.

Recently, he flew from the USA to the UK to watch his favourite player, CR7 play and possibly meet him face-to-face finally.

Unfortunately, Cristiano wasn’t even named in the squad in Manchester United’s Carabao Cup tie against Aston Villa, which was the game the famous influencer had come to watch.

He was so saddened by this that he even took to Twitter to express his feelings and how disappointed he was to see that Ronaldo was not playing. 

Despite not meeting his idol after travelling from a different continent, Speed’s visit to Old Trafford wasn’t a total waste.

He found another Manchester United club legend Patrick Crerand and they both seemed to hit it off really well, as seen in the viral videos of them joking with each other.

Upon meeting Crerand at Old Trafford, Speed couldn’t recognize who he was and asked if he was Beckham, to which Paddy replied laughingly that he is a little older than David and told him that he played football before he was born.

After the 83-year-old legend told him his name, Speed proceeded to mispronounce his name and jokingly asked if he played back in 1720.

After that, he even attempted to search for Crerand on Google but was unable to do so multiple times because he couldn’t understand the spelling dictated by the player.

After finally getting his name right and searching for him on Google, he watched the highlights of his games and asked him if he was the Kevin De Buyne of his time.

Seeing that the highlights were in black and white, he asked Crerand if he played against Pele, to which he said no. 

All this was fun and games, and both of them seemed to enjoy their conversation as they were constantly laughing.

Speed also said that he couldn’t believe he was actually holding the hand of a person who has played for the Red Devils.

Paddy, in particular, looked like he was thoroughly enjoying his talk with the YouTuber and the chemistry between the two was an amazing thing to witness.

Fortunately for Speed, he managed to salvage his disappointment from not meeting his idol by having a great time with a legend like Patrick Crerand.