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How Rio Ferdinand Found Himself Barking Alongside Ishowspeed

How Rio Ferdinand Found Himself Barking Alongside Ishowspeed

One of the biggest streamers on YouTube right now, IShowSpeed has once again left social media in splits when he was seen joining forces with Manchester United legend, Rio Ferdinand on his recent livestream.

The Sidemen Charity match made its yearly mark during the football international break when the Sidemen FC and YouTube All-Stars faced each other for an epic football showdown.

With this year’s edition eclipsing all previous records with fans all over the world tuning in to watch their favourite streamers, Speed was a name that never fails to entertain his fans.

A few days after the Charity match ended, Rio Ferdinand joined the American sensation on his livestream where he went through the highlights of the game and the unexpected crossover was a cause of excitement among the fans.

Ferdinand tried to analyse the game from his perspective and give his thoughts on Speed’s performance in the match and also engaged in some playful banter which is now being posted all over the internet.

One of the most notable moments of Speed’s performance during the match was the only assist that he provided to his teammate Niko Omilana in a brilliant fashion.

Speed has become famous for his passion for his idol Cristiano Ronaldo and his unusual barking whenever he gets riled up with emotions of ecstasy or anger, and he even made the 44-year old Ferdinand emulate his bark, after applauding his pass that became an assist in a video which went viral on social media.

Fans all over Twitter were baffled seeing the nature of this collaboration between Rio and Speed calling it a multiverse of madness.

There was also evident shock at how Speed’s contagious influence has spread to everyone from football stars like Rafael Leao and Joao Felix to celebrities like Kim Kardashian in such a short amount of time.

Rio even compared Speed’s running and dribbling ability to that of Raheem Sterling, which is a massive compliment for a raw player like him but he was not a fan of the praise. Speed even tried to teach Rio about defending by showing him clips of Messi on YouTube.

Another talking point of the live stream was when the highlights reached around the 54th-minute mark when the YouTube All-Stars won a penalty which brought up a chance for Speed to score his first-ever goal in this charity match series.

Rio likened Speed’s stance to his favorite player Ronaldo, but sarcastically questioned his mentality when he took the penalty in a very weak fashion and hit it down the middle which saw the opposition keeper KSI save it easily. 

Ferdinand added: “You weren’t intent on scoring; you were more scared to miss.”

The 18-year old though felt embarrassed, agreed with Rio’s judgment about his emotions during the match and was adamant to be better and get his name on the scoresheet when he returns for next year’s charity match.