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Mark Goldbridge And IShowSpeed Face Off On FIFA 23

Mark Goldbridge And IShowSpeed Face Off On FIFA 23

Ever since the Sidemen Charity Game was announced, the duo of YouTubers IShowSpeed and Mark Goldbridge has been taking the YouTube and Twitch worlds by storm.

It is clearly an unexpected collaboration, but somehow it just manages to work.

During the football game, Goldbridge was the manager for YouTube All-Stars, the team that Speed played for.

Although they lost to Sidemen FC by a scoreline of 8-7, this match began the collaboration between Goldbridge and Speed that has already given us some iconic moments, like this FIFA cover-esque dugout photo of Goldbridge coaching him or this “World Cup” trophy lift shot.

Yesterday on Speed’s stream, fans asked him about his thoughts on Goldbridge and whether they will work together again.

After answering how he could see Mark like a dad, he decided then and there to get him on the stream and play some FIFA together. 

Clearly, fans couldn’t wait for this reuniting moment, as some jokingly compared the dynamic duo to Sir Alex Ferguson and Ronaldo. 

The banter was instant for all to see as soon as Mark joined the stream.

To kick things off, the pair first squared off over who gets to pick Manchester United, a team they both support.

Speed’s a massive fan of Cristiano Ronaldo and his take on CR7’s iconic “Siu” celebration is how he has gained a following on social media.

Goldbridge’s love for The Red Devils is also well documented.

He claims that he has the biggest fan-led YouTube channel dedicated to United. And there may be some truth in that. His channel, named The United Stand, has over 1.5 Million followers!

The hilarious debate over choosing the team to play with ended with Goldbridge finally selecting England, and off they started with their game. 

After losing the first game 2-1, Speed asked for a best of three to prove he was better. He then went on to lose the second game 3-0 and blessed us with some incredible rage clips. 

There was even a moment when Speed’s player was caught offside.

Speed questioned the call and Mark used this opportunity to one-up him again, asking him to learn the offside trap.

This is a callback to Speed’s disallowed goal in the real-world charity game where he was miles offside but still ended up whipping Mark Clattenburg with a T-Shirt for disallowing the goal.

After the games ended, the YouTuber got mad, as he usually does, and ended up calling the cops on Mark Goldbridge for cheating in the game. 

This was obviously a fake call to a friend who was renamed in his contact list, but it was still hilarious nonetheless. 

If we’ve piqued your interest enough, you can check out the highlights of their stream below.