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How Man City Turned Aaron Rodgers From Liverpool Fan To MCFC Supporter

How Man City Turned Aaron Rodgers From Liverpool Fan To MCFC Supporter

Manchester City doesn’t exactly have the most illustrious of histories, much to the chagrin of purists, but their status as the world’s best team has been undeniable for quite a few years.

Ever since being taken over by Sheikh Mansour, City have been on an unstoppable upward trajectory, creating iconic moments and legends in the process.

Instead of fondly reminiscing about past glories, like neighbours Manchester United, the Cityzens are actively running a dynasty.

And as such, there’s a whole new generation of Man City fans being created every day, all amazed by the incredible Sky Blue machine.

Some are even switching allegiances and hopping on board the City bandwagon, with a notable example being NFL veteran Aaron Rodgers.

The Packers QB recently made an appearance on the Pat McAfee show, sporting Manchester City’s home kit for this season.

He then opened up on breaking the sacrosanct law and switching clubs, ‘I was a fan of this other team that plays in the Premier League and specifically one player who ended up coaching in the Premier League after other stops and played for LA Galaxy.’

‘And then Man City started reaching out, sending me a bunch of swag (merchandise). I said you know what all the players I grew up watching on that other team are gone so I’m going to start pulling for Man City and they haven’t let me down.’

The player he’s alluding to is Steven Gerrard, making it apparent that Rodgers was previously a Liverpool fan.

He also stated that his switch occurred around ‘seven or eight years ago’, which hammers home our point about present-day success spawning new supporters.

Of course, you cannot discount the influence ‘swag’ had on his decision-making, although, we certainly hope it was the bare minimum.

Nevertheless, users online weren’t all too pleased with Rodgers’ declaration, and it all stems from the player’s poor reputation amongst fans.

The dislike has accumulated over a number of years, eventually reaching an all-time high after Rodgers’ lied about his vaccination status last year.

Naturally, seeing him admit to switching loyalties in favour of a club accused of ‘sportswashing‘ was never going to sit well with fans.

We’re sure he isn’t too bothered by all the noise, it’s hard to turn down free ‘swag’ after all.