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Watch: Sky Sports reporter mispronounces Man City in hilarious blooper

Watch: Sky Sports reporter mispronounces Man City in hilarious blooper

A Sky Sports reporter’s unintentional mistake caused one of the most viral videos trending amongst the online football community right now.

Journalist Gary Cotterill was reporting the Harry Kane to Manchester City transfer saga with incredible use of the pun ‘Citizen Kane’, but the report went comical all of a sudden as the reporter mispronounced Manchester City as Manchester “Sh*tty” – an unintentional mistake that had the entirety of football fans on Twitter in splits.

Harry Kane has not reported to Hotspur Way since coming back from his short vacation after leading England to their 2020 European Championship final loss against Italy.

But despite his strong will to leave for greener pastures elsewhere, Daniel Levy has stuck by his guns and said that Kane is not for sale – and the only price that will secure a move is £150m.

Even though Spurs have rejected City’s initial bid of £100m, there is a growing feeling that City will look to match the demands.

Cotterill was reporting Kane’s indomitable urge to become a Cityzen by securing a move from Tottenham Hotspur, and his will to adopt extreme measures to be able to put on City’s light blue shirt.

But an unfortunate slip of his tongue meant that he stressed on the wrong syllable, and ended up saying “light blue Manchester Sh*tty shirt” instead of what he meant to say.

Quickly realising what he’s done, Cotterill corrected himself almost immediately – but the social media generation made sure that his mistake was played over and over again to the amusement of football fans online.

The blooper went viral in no time, and Cotterill’s innocent mistake became the butt of thousands of jokes from rival fans.