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Luva De Pedreiro Teams Up With Ishowspeed In The Wildest Football YouTuber Collab Of All Time

Luva De Pedreiro Teams Up With Ishowspeed In The Wildest Football YouTuber Collab Of All Time

Another week, another viral Ishowspeed clip, the two seemingly go hand-in-hand these days.

Everyone’s favorite hyper-bizarre Ronaldo fanboy is back with another collaboration, adding to his already impressive list.

From the comfort of his very home, the 17-year-old has linked up with the likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Alphonso Davies and Jesse Lingard to name a few.

He has also collaborated with many famous Footy influencers, including Mark Goldbridge and KSI.

For his latest link-up, Speed sought out a popular influencer who shares many similarities with the streamer himself.

Aside from being a budding Footballer, the person in focus, much like Speed, grew to fame by wielding a sharp catchphrase that was on the tongue of every football fan for weeks.

You’ve probably heard of it, it goes ‘Receeeba!’

In case you haven’t pieced it together yet, Speed did indeed collab with the TikTok famous Luva de Pedreiro, for an exchange that the latter labelled, ‘The Worst and Funniest Conversation Attempt’.

The duo hopped on an Instagram Live together, with Speed streaming the exchange on his YouTube channel.

Shortly after, Pedreiro posted a clip bearing the highlights from the conversation, and well, it certainly does his description justice.

The obvious lingual differences serve as a recurring snag throughout their interaction, although they were still able to establish an understanding at times.

For instance, the clip kicks off with Speed asking Pedreiro for his pick between Messi and Ronaldo.

After a minor slip of the tongue, the TikToker replied with Ronaldo, which left a wide smile on the Speed’s face, and certainly helped their budding friendship.

What follows is Pedreiro rambling in his native Portuguese, and Speed responding with some rabid barking. So, basically the usual.

At the end of the mind-numbing sequence, the streamer drops an ‘I love you’ out of nowhere.

Fortunately for him, Pedreiro reciprocates, and somehow, things only get weirder from here on.

Doing his best to suppress a chuckle, Speed says, ‘I want you to be my husband’. In response, 21-year-old Pedreiro offers the most comically appropriate ‘hmmm?’ possible.

After a brief experiment with Google translate, the TikToker shows Speed his tekkers, and gets him hyped in the process.

And in case you’re wondering about how much time Speed puts into these collabs, he also asked Pedreiro, ‘Bro where you from?’.

Before bidding ‘adios’, another Google translate experiment occurred, presumably of a more risque nature.

We landed on that conclusion on account of the noises they produced, paired with the suggestive gesturing.

To surmise, the collaboration went about as predicted, it was weird, strange, funny, and weird again.

But hey, that’s the appeal, isn’t it?