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Here’s How Cristiano Ronaldo Surprisingly Knows About Ishowspeed

Here’s How Cristiano Ronaldo Surprisingly Knows About Ishowspeed

Ishowspeed, the most unapologetic Ronaldo fanboy on the Internet (aside from Piers Morgan), continues to traverse the realm of online fame, with his popularity growing day by day.

Some notable highs include his infamous FaceTime with Manchester United’s Anthony Elanga and his participation in the wildly popular Sidemen Charity Football match.

With stocks continually pointing upward, many other famous personalities are starting to take note of the streamer, including Bayern Munich fullback Alphonso Davies.

The Canadian, a fellow Speed admirer, recently shared his contact details with the streamer, which soon turned out to be a massive mistake.

The Ohio-born streamer decided to give Davies a call while being live on YouTube and audaciously forgot to hide his phone number.

Fortunately for him, Davies took it in stride and quickly switched numbers as revealed through an Instagram story.

Blushes and blunders aside, Speed has been making quite the splash. But for the Youtuber, the ultimate goal is still to be acknowledged by his Lord and Savior – Cristiano Ronaldo.

And in that regard, Darren has already reached the promised land.

The revelation came after Speed’s most-recent interaction with a popular footballer.

On this occasion, it was Nottingham Forest forward Jesse Lingard.

Formerly of Manchester United, Lingard hopped on a video call with Speed, one which was spectated by the Thousands tuning in to his stream.

The interaction included doses of the streamer’s eccentricities, as he hilariously asked the player  ‘What did Trent (Alexander-Arnold) smell like?’.

Aside from enquiring about the Liverpool fullback’s odor, the Ohio native made sure to pop the big question, ‘Does Ronaldo know me?’.

Lingard’s response left the steamer beaming, as he said, “Yeah, definitely bro. Bro, I swear, you know when I was there? I was saying ‘Crishtah Ronaldo Sewi“. Bro, he knows you. The GOAT knows you bro.”

Caught in disbelief, Speed asked for reassurances twice, and the 29-year-old obliged and said, “Everyday me and Anthony Elanga were like ‘Sewi, sewi’. Trust me bro, he knows you”.

A sense of gratification crept onto Speed’s face, and he simply could not stop smiling.

All that is left is for Ronaldo to do the ‘Sewi’, it would mark the perfect circle of events and a tale that will go down in Football folklore.