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Milan Duo Invoke Dragon Ball Z Celebration As Weston McKennie Channels Harry Potter

Milan Duo Invoke Dragon Ball Z Celebration As Weston McKennie Channels Harry Potter

The weekend was kind to football fans, as it featured many entertaining games that were played out across Europe’s top leagues.

Naturally, there were some brilliant goals for the viewing, and some equally brilliant celebrations as well.

From the emphatic scenes that unfolded at Stamford Bridge to Kevin De Bruyne’s cheeky reference to his injury, plenty was on offer.

However, the best of the lot occurred all the way over in Serie A, and both the celebrations in focus made clever references to Pop Cultural staples.

First up, we have AC Milan‘s blistering duo of Rafael Leao and Theo Hernandez.

Typifying the term ‘Dynamic Duo’, the pair injects plenty of pace into Milan’s attacks and even adds in the goals.

The Rossoneri had sorely missed Hernandez, and the side already looked better following his return from injury.

Their league tie against Monza saw the duo shine once again, as Milan breezed to a commanding 4-1 victory. Leao managed to grab a goal off the bench with Theo providing the assist.

And the pair then whipped out a classic duo celebration.

Echoing their inner ‘Saiyans’, Leao and Theo lent and pointed towards each other, and made a reference to the ‘Fusion Dance’ from Dragon Ball Z.

As seen in the anime, the dance is performed by two characters in order to fuse their powers together and become a single almighty being.

By ushering in the celebration, the duo celebrated their talents coming together and making it 4 for Milan.

The other celebration that caught our attention comes from Juventus midfielder Weston McKennie.

The American grabbed Juve’s second, on their own to a 4-0 victory over Empoli He headed in a wonderful cross from Juan Cuadrado, following which he let out in his inner Potterhead.

The 24-year-old waved his arms about as if he was holding a wand and casting a spell.

He gave us no hints as to the spell he was employing, but
‘Wingardium Levi-Goal-Sa’ is worth a shout.