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Look: Messi v Ronaldo GOAT Debate On WWE 2K23 Leaves Ishowspeed Shattered

Look: Messi v Ronaldo GOAT Debate On WWE 2K23 Leaves Ishowspeed Shattered

Ishowspeed being the biggest CR7 fanboy on the planet is common knowledge by now.

The Youtuber, steamer, and online personality grew to fame on the back of his bizarre antics, and also his unconditional love for Cristiano Ronaldo.

His love affair with the Portugal International began with an honest admission on stream, as the 18-year-old stated Ronaldo as his favorite footballer. He then exclaimed ‘Sewy’, which turned into an online sensation shortly after. 

Speed, or Darren Watkins Jr, cleverly maximized the attention by switching to football-centric content. He also turned into a devout Ronaldo supporter. 

The pivot brought him incredible success, Speed is essentially an online celeb at this point, and his stocks continue to rise.

The Ohio native’s associations with Football have also made for some incredible content, from VIP escorts at the Qatar World Cup to linking up with Rafael Leao and Joao Felix, the Youtuber is living out every Football fan’s wildest dreams.

And of course, he’s been propping up Ronaldo as the GOAT every step of the way.

In the process of preaching to the Al Nassr striker, Speed has also displayed plenty of distaste towards his historical rival Lionel Messi.

The 18-year-old cringes at the mention or sight of the Argentine, viral clips even show him actively trying to discourage others from supporting Messi.

His latest attempts at belittling the World Cup winner came in the form of a simulated wrestling match, a plan which backfired rather horrendously.

During one of his recent live streams on Youtube, Speed fired up WWE 2K23, the popular wrestling game featuring the entirety of WWE’s roster and a robust character creation system.

He proceeded to select the accurate likenesses of Messi and Ronaldo for a match inside a squared circle. Needless to say, he was controlling the digital recreation of CR7.

What followed was Speed’s best attempt at beating up Messi, he even picked a 5-minute Iron-man match to properly deliver the roughhousing of a lifetime.

Sadly, the 18-year-old forgot to turn down the difficulty scale, as the CPU-controlled Messi quickly flipped the tables on him.

The moment turned into a viral clip, which received further edits to make it even more embarrassing for the Youtuber.

Aside from displaying Speed’s failure at defending his GOAT, the edited clip also shows Messi blow Ronaldo out of the water with his accolades.

For the majority of the clip, the duo trade achievements and blows back and forth. 

For instance, the Argentine’s 2015 treble with Barcelona is countered by Ronaldo’s 2016 Euro triumph. While CR7’s goal-scoring stats at Manchester United are effectively parried by Messi’s Finalissima win.

Speed’s desperate screams are the perfect backdrop to all of this, no matter how much he exclaimed, there was no saving Ronaldo in the GOAT debate. 

The finish came after the PSG man delivered a frog splash, with the coup de grace being his historic World Cup victory with Argentina. 

Speed could only react with pained cries and dejected expressions, as he essentially led down his idol.