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How IShowSpeed Got Personal With Joao Felix, Nani, And Rafael Leao

How IShowSpeed Got Personal With Joao Felix, Nani, And Rafael Leao

Cristiano Ronaldo fanboy and newly formed Portugal superfan IShowSpeed attended Portugal’s Euro 2024 qualifying opener against Liechtenstein and even got to hang out with the likes of Joao Felix, Rafael Leao, and Nani on his trip.

The popular American content creator has been attending Portugal’s games since the Qatar World Cup when he tearfully saw them knocked out in the quarter-finals.

Despite seeing Ronaldo move to Al Nassr, he remains a huge fan of the winger as well as the national team in general.

Speed decided to capture his trip to Lisbon and was able to see Portugal pick up a dominant 4-0 win.

Cristiano scored a brace and he even got to hang with some of the national team’s players, both past and present.

Joao Felix teaches IShowSpeed on correctly pronouncing his name

At a restaurant that he visited after the game, Speed managed to catch up with Chelsea winger Joao Felix.

The winger was hanging around with his friends at the restaurant and decided to catch up with Speed, whom he’s probably familiar with after seeing his streams.

The American streamer voiced his admiration for Felix but was stopped when he incorrectly pronounced his name.

The Chelsea winger decided to give him a lesson on exactly how to correctly pronounce his name because a lot of people actually make mistakes in calling him by the incorrect name.

In fact, at a recent press conference for Chelsea earlier this month, the 23-year-old star gave everyone a lesson on how to correctly pronounce his name. He said: “It’s Joao Fell-ix. I don’t know why. It’s not too hard to spell but it’s Joao Fell-ix, not Fee-lix.”

Felix decided to give this lesson to Speed, who didn’t really understand it and continued with his schtick of horribly mispronouncing footballers’ names. After that, Joao enraged speed by getting some cake on his nose and was barked at by the streamer.

IShowSpeed celebrates with Nani and good buddy Rafael Leao

That bit of fun with Felix was not the only memorable moment that Speed was able to manage on his trip to Portugal. He had a really enjoyable time watching the game at the Estadio Jose Alvalade in Lisbon and got to see his ‘GOAT’ score two goals – including an impressive free-kick.

Speed was able to track down Manchester United legend Nani in the stands close to him and brought him in for his watch-a-long stream of the game. As he saw Ronaldo score an impressive goal, he celebrated passionately with Nani by his side – with the ex-United winger really enjoying his period with the young content creator as well.

After the game, Speed got to meet up with AC Milan winger Rafael Leao – whom he has chatted up with quite a lot during the season.

Leao even appeared on one of Speed’s YouTube streams and has built up a very nice little friendship with him as well.

Speed danced around with Leao for a little bit in what was probably his first real-life meeting with the winger. He definitely got the kind of content he was looking for in his visit to Portugal and also some hilarious moments that should raise his popularity among Ronaldo fans even more.