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The turn of events as AC Milan striker Rafael Leao joins Ishowpeed for a live stream

The turn of events as AC Milan striker Rafael Leao joins Ishowpeed for a live stream

IShowSpeed is the talk of the town, as he has been for the past few months. The American streamer’s reputation in the football world is growing, especially in light of his World Cup song and streams from the tournament. 

Even professional football players Rio Ferdinand and Jesse Lingard have FaceTimed with him. Alphonso Davies has further responded to Speed’s content on Live streams.

He has now added another star to his growing list of players who have featured on his stream. He video called the rising Portuguese sensation, Rafael Leao. The whole conversation was recorded and posted online, receiving a lot of attention.

Speed and Leao are no strangers to each other. When Portugal lost to and got eliminated by Morocco in the World Cup, Speed commented on the player’s post saying that he loves him. 

Leao replied by saying “Family”, showing a form of brotherhood, possibly as both are huge Portugal and Ronaldo fans.

Unsurprisingly, the 17-year-old’s very first question to Leao was, “Does Ronaldo know me?”. 

IShowSpeed has been trying to meet Cristiano for a very long time now. He had flown to England to see him play live, alas to no avail. He then flew to Qatar to see him play for Portugal in the World Cup, and while he did not see the legend start for the country, he did see him come off the bench eventually. 

However, none of this meant that Ronaldo knew about Speed, and that was something he desperately wanted to know. Despite all this, it was entirely possible that Ronaldo has never even heard of the internet sensation.

Lo-and-behold, Leao contended that Ronaldo does in fact know about Speed. Leao went on to say that he not only knows Speed but also about the legendary “Sewy” celebration that Speed does, which is a version of Ronaldo’s own. This sent Speed over the moon.

The stream did not end here though. They went on to have a long discussion about a lot of other things, like AC Milan and possible moves to the Premier League. 

A funny clip from this discussion was when Speed said that he did not know what Milan was. For those unaware, Leao plays for Milan and has been playing at the club for a long time now. 

This was especially funny and awkward because Speed claimed to be a fan of Leao, and not knowing what club he played for was ironic. Speed did try to save himself by saying that he knows about the “Red and Black” team, but Leao was having none of it.

If Leao does in fact come to the Premier League, we would know whom to thank.

Speed also asked Leao the inevitable question that everyone involved with the world of football must answer – Ronaldo or Messi? This particular footballer might be a little biased though, considering he plays with one of them in his national team and grew up watching him.

So it comes as no surprise that Leao answered with a long “Siuuuu”.

The stream also had a lot more non-football-related conversations. One of these was when Speed asked Leao to do his famous smile. Speed seems obsessed with it, and Leao even called him stupid after he asked that question. 

We hope to see a lot more of these live streams between enigmatic YouTubers like Speed and world breakers like Leao, as they put these professionals in a lot more human spotlight than we imagine them to be.