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Cool or Cringe? Leeds fans join City in anti-Man United chant at Elland Road

Cool or Cringe? Leeds fans join City in anti-Man United chant at Elland Road

Manchester United haven’t really had the best of 2022. From watching their club finish seventh in the Premier League last season, go trophyless for the fifth year running and Cristiano Ronaldo humiliating them in public – they’ve hit some really embarrassing lows.

Some might feel for them, but those will definitely not be Manchester City or Leeds United supporters. Both the club absolutely hate the Red Devils with a passion, being their arch-rivals for many decades.

This period of sorrow for United is giving the greatest pleasure to the City and Leeds fans, allowing them to openly mock them at every given opportunity.

The Citizens put six past them in their Premier League game earlier this season – while Leeds are yet to meet up against their rivals this season.

We all know the phrase that ‘an enemy’s enemy is a friend’. Well, some Leeds and Man City fans definitely took that to heart during their own Premier League game at Elland Road on Wednesday.

It was a tight affair in which the Citizens just outclassed the hosts with their superiority in quality.

Boyhood Leeds fan Erling Haaland scored a brace against the side his father used to play, helping his side resume their Premier League season in impressive fashion.

But at one point of the game, it looks like the Leeds or City supporters couldn’t really give a damn about what was happening on the pitch. With the action getting heated on the pitch, a group of Leeds and Man City faithful started to bellow out an anti-Man United chant.

What started as a one-time thing by some fans ended up seeing both sets of supporters join in for the chant which goes something like this: ‘Stand up if you hate Man U, Stand up if you hate Man U.”

Of course, it’s a well-known thing that Man United fans hate the term ‘Man U’. It’s because of its dark history with the Munich Disaster, which saw the demise of the famous ‘Busby Babes’ in 1958.

After that, some rival fans used to chant ‘Man U Man U went on a plane Man U Man U never came back again,’ in an attempt to mock the disaster and the club’s tragedy.

It’s quite clear that this ‘duet’ of sorts from the City and Leeds fans were done in an attempt to trigger the Manchester United fans on social media.

Because it’s well known that almost anything significant that happens on football grounds in this age finds its way to social media.

To their credit, this video has caught the attention of the United supporters – who have (predictably) reacted badly to it.

It’s been called cringe and some Red Devils are also indicating how their club must be living rent-free in the heads of their rival fans, even though they are undergoing a difficult year.

United supporters are mocking the video, stating how ridiculous it is for the supporters to talk about a rival club when their own set of players are battling it out right in front of them.