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I Had Heard About Elland Road: Pep Guardiola reflects on away Leeds experience

I Had Heard About Elland Road: Pep Guardiola reflects on away Leeds experience

In contrast to the promise shown last season, Leeds United find itself in the precarious position of a relegation battle. 

Just 2 points separate Leeds from the relegation zone, but that may change as Everton, sitting in 17th, currently have a game in hand.

The onus has fallen on the new appointment, Jesse Marsch, who has only had a few months to instil his playing style. 

In turbulent times such as these, it becomes imperative for the fanbase to stick by their side, and Whites’ fans have done exactly that. 

During their latest outing, a packed Elland Road welcomed the English Champions, Manchester City, a game they were more than likely to get nothing out of.

But the fans, despite the odds, were unwavering in their support.

“All Leeds aren’t we” rang loudly throughout the venue, even as City extended their lead to 4.

Fans even snuck in rolls of toilet paper, and created a right mess near City’s corner flag, leading to a hilarious interaction with Jack Grealish. 

Needless to say, Elland Road did its part, and even the opposition’s manager was impressed. 

After his maiden appearance in front of the feisty Leeds faithful, Pep Guardiola lauded the support during a post-match interview.

The Spaniard said, “Since I arrived in England, I heard about Elland Road – today I experienced it and why it’s so special. Fighting to stay in the PL – singing, chanting and how people get behind them. Leeds is one of the greatest teams in England, and I have sympathy for the fans”.

Praise from Pep is no small feat, during his endeavours in different leagues, the Spaniard has faced some incredible atmospheres.

He’s felt pure hatred at Bernabeu, the solidity of the famed ‘Yellow Wall’ at the Iduna Park and more recently, the intimidating Reds at Anfield. And evidently, Elland Road proved to be another such experience for the Spaniard, who couldn’t help but praise them.

Leeds faithful have seen relegation, administration, aimless leadership and everything in between. They’ve stuck by their side through thick and thin, and their resilience has impressed even rival fans.

With 4 games to go, Leeds will need all the support they can get, and their fanbase will certainly be up to the task.