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‘This is what I love’: Jesse Marsch on the mentality needed to succeed at Leeds United

‘This is what I love’: Jesse Marsch on the mentality needed to succeed at Leeds United

After the tragic termination of Marcelo Bielsa‘s contract as Leeds United manager, the Peacocks have hired American coach Jesse Marsch. 

The American was previously at the helm of RB Leipzig but was sacked after mere months due to inconsistent performances. 

Nevertheless, as far as mid-season replacements go, Marsch looks to be a step in the right direction, especially as his footballing philosophy matches up with the one established at Leeds by Bielsa. 

Sides coached by the American have displayed hunger and aggressiveness with their display, and much like Bielsa, the foundation for it all is tireless running. 

And one can’t have a group of players willing to run their lungs off if there isn’t a pre-existing mentality. Leeds’ players have certainly shown their spirit and determination in the past few seasons, and Marsch applauded this during his first media segment at Elland Road. 

The American said, “One of the things I love about this team right now is their commitment, no matter how difficult, to play to the end, to fight for each other, to never stop. The mentality to fight for the fans and fight for each other, this is what I love.” 

This Leeds side are truly a resilient one and evidently, their new gaffer is of the same opinion.

Speaking on the mentality required to succeed at Leeds United, Marsch firstly talked about the foundation laid by Marcelo Bielsa, “For me, I just wanna help carry over the torch to the next phase, and I understand what’s been done has laid an incredible foundation”.

Secondly, the American talked about his football philosophy and how it aligns with the one present at Leeds, “I think that my style of play, my aggressiveness, the desire I have for teams to be intensive and to run fits with what has been done in the past 3 and a half years.”

The Whites currently sit right about the relegation zone with the threat of demotion looming over them.  And as such, Marsch will have to be swift in implementing his ideas if Leeds are to get back to winning ways.