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Photo – Cristiano Ronaldo pulls down pants in highly irregular Instagram Live

Photo – Cristiano Ronaldo pulls down pants in highly irregular Instagram Live

Cristiano Ronaldo is widely known for being a goalscoring machine. He’s also known for smashing records left and right, winning titles and starring in some mildly unsettling Instagram lives as of late. 

It is, unfortunately, true that Ronaldo is no stranger to the odd Insta Live, one which plays out in ominous silence and for some reason in his extravagant bath areas. 

The previous examples unfolded with the Portuguese sitting in his dark sauna while looking at the screen in silence

This occasion shared similarities but went one step further in establishing just how comfortable Ronaldo feels on these broadcasts. 

The Man United striker went live a couple of days ago, and quite literally took a quick shower in front of his audience. The reasoning behind the decision certainly eludes us, but then again we’re not footballing superstars are we?

Sporting only a thin pair of black shorts, Ronaldo’s impressive physique was out for all to see. What little coverage the shorts provided were soon void as well, as seen in this screengrab from the live stream. 

Ronaldo seemed to have lowered the shorts to right below the waist, and the sights bordered on nudity. The case was likely a mistake, but knowing Ronaldo could’ve been intentional as well, nevertheless, it did create a fair share of confusion amongst fans.

And it’s safe to assume, fans can possibly witness even more obscure visuals from Ronaldo in the future, for better or worse.