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Inside the Viral Link Up between IShowSpeed and Neymar

Inside the Viral Link Up between IShowSpeed and Neymar

IShowSpeed has been having an amazing 2023 in terms of meeting all his football idols, and he managed to meet another ‘hero’ in Neymar recently. The American streamer decided to travel to Japan to attend PSG’s friendly game against Al Nassr on Tuesday, July 25.

He has been actively attending football matches throughout the course of the year. Speed attended the World Cup final, where he saw Lionel Messi lift the trophy with Argentina. He also managed to finish the unreal story arc of his obsession with Cristiano Ronaldo, managing to meet him in June after one of Portugal’s Euro 2024 qualifying games.

Speed saw his ultimate dream come true when he met Ronaldo thanks to the ultimate wingman in Rafael Leao. His reaction went viral on all social media accounts and a lot of fans found this epic link-up to be quite heart-warming.

IShowSpeed Meets Neymar in Japan

Even though he is yet to meet Messi in person, Speed even managed to watch Leo in action up-close and personal in his Inter Miami debut against Cruz Azul. Just a few days after that, the American streamer travelled from all the way from Miami to Japan to attend the pre-season friendly match.

As he normally does, the streamer live-streamed his reaction for the game and also what happened and after it. Speed even managed to interact with Kim Kardashian and his son, posing for pictures with them. After that, however, he managed to achieve what he came for.

As he was sitting quite close to the players’ dugout area, Speed shouted out to PSG star Neymar when he came onto the field for the warm-up session. To his surprise, the Brazilian winger actually heard his shout and looked back to give him a wave – sending the streamer to an absolute frenzy.

Speed decided to watch the entire game, which was a 0-0 borefest, irrespective of the likes of Ronaldo and Neymar playing in it. Even though he might not have found anything entertaining to show during the game, Speed struck gold in the backstage area after the game was over.

What did Speed do with Neymar after PSG-Al Nassr friendly?

He managed to track down Neymar outside the dressing room area and actually convince him to interact with him in front of the cameras for a bit. To his credit, the Brazilian winger seemed to be playing along with them – even though he speaks or understands very little English – let alone some of the stuff that Speed speaks about.

Neymar agreed to do a little Tiktok video for Speed, pulling off some slick samba moves alongside him while Speed tried his best to hold his excitement and dance with him. The two clearly didn’t understand much of each other, which made this interaction all the more hilarious.

At one point, Neymar seemingly gave Speed a PSG t-shirt after which Speed wanted to do another dance routine with the Samba star. But in typical Speed fashion, he started pulling off his hilarious moves that left the PSG star unable to control his laughter.

To his credit, Neymar was able to hold his composure in the end and posed for some pictures with the popular streamer. Speed got what he wanted, creating some hilarious videos that went viral once again, as his journey of interacting with the top footballers in world football keeps going forward in smooth fashion.