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Watch: CR7 Mad Ishowspeed Totally Loses It Over Osman Bukari’s SIU

Watch: CR7 Mad Ishowspeed Totally Loses It Over Osman Bukari’s SIU

Yesterday’s World Cup action featured a highly-awaited game between Ghana and Portugal, with the eyes of the world on one man in particular.

The match saw Cristiano Ronaldo take to the pitch for the first time since his departure from Manchester United, in what is probably the final World Cup campaign of his career.

Aiming for nothing short of World Cup glory, Ronaldo led a packed Portugal side made up of some world-class players.

The game itself was a thrilling contest, as an entertaining second half made up for the tame first 45.

It all kicked into fifth gear after Ronaldo cheekily won a soft penalty, and went on to convert clinically.

He registered another record to his name in the process, becoming the first male player to score in 5 World Cup campaigns.

Among the millions who saw the unemployed striker create history was perhaps the most unashamed CR7 fanboy ever, Ishowspeed.

The Youtuber was never going to miss out on his idol’s World Cup opener, he watched the game live on stream and reacted wildly to every key moment.

His tendency to go viral came through once again, and on this occasion, it was his chaotic reaction to Ghana’s second goal that did the rounds.

With the score 3-1 and Ronaldo subbed off, Ghana managed to grab another in the 89th minute through Osman Bukari.

The forward joyously celebrated the goal by hitting Ronaldo’s signature ‘Siuuu’, which managed to offend Speed on a personal level.

Reacting to the celebration on stream, the YouTuber was enraged.

With his eyes and nostrils flaring upwards in anger, he exclaimed,
‘did this Black Ghana motherf**er do the siu!’. This, of course, was followed by rabid barking.

His vexation was untamed, and he kept on asking the question in disbelief, all while screaming at the monitor. He even hopped atop the chair before taking the screams up a notch, ‘did he just do sui!’

Safe to surmise, Speed was not a fan.

The 17-year-old repeatedly called the celebration disrespectful, and that’s coming from a fellow ‘Siu’ connoisseur.

His rage was soon tempered as Portugal managed to see the game out, picking up a valuable 3 points in the process.