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Cristiano Ronaldo Hits Joachim Loew Levels By Eating Food Straight Out Of His Undies

Cristiano Ronaldo Hits Joachim Loew Levels By Eating Food Straight Out Of His Undies

Cristiano Ronaldo has the entire attention of the football fraternity onto him in the Qatar World Cup.

Coming into it after an explosive interview with Piers Morgan in which he slandered Manchester United, Erik ten Hag and their owners – The Glazers – he is swimming with the sharks.

After being released by the Red Devils due to his slanderous comments, there is a lot of pressure on him to put money where his mouth is and prove his ability as one of the best players in the world.

He has a lot to do to silence his doubters and prove Erik ten Hag wrong for neglecting him before what is likely to be his final World Cup.

Ronaldo is aware that every single thing involving him will be magnified and scrutinized at the World Cup. Be it a misplaced pass, a poor tackle or a fluffed chance, there will be a lot of eyes on every aspect of his performances.

The 37-year-old was quite proactive in Portugal’s World Cup opener, which ended up being a thrilling 3-2 win over African giants Ghana. Ronaldo was involved in a lot of moments in the game and was able to open his tally for the tournament.

After helping win a penalty for his side in the second half, which looked to be a soft one, Ronaldo decided to step up to take it.

He converted it with ease, bringing back his ‘SIU” celebration after seemingly replacing him with a different one at United earlier this season.

In doing so, Ronaldo ensured to have scored in the group stages of every single World Cup edition that he’s played. Weirdly, a different off-the-ball moment including him has gone viral on social media.

During the game, it seemed like Cristiano was not aware that the cameras were on him and decided to do something really gross. He was caught putting his hands inside his pants and into his undergarments during one moment.

What he did afterwards was almost unthinkable. Ronaldo looked to have brought something out of his underpants and proceeded to eat it, shocking fans on social media.

There is no real explanation as to why he exactly did something like that.

One fan has noted that Ronaldo’s own underwear brand has a special pair of undergarments that has a space built in it to keep a snack or candy if someone is into that sort of thing.

Going by Ronaldo’s reaction and with the size of the thing he put into his mouth, it’s possible that it was probably a chewing gum he hid in there in case he had the urge to chew it during the game.

This absolutely disgusting act seemed to be reminiscent of how ex-Germany manager Joachim Loew did in the past World Cups.

He had this weird fetish of putting his fingers inside his underpants and then sniffing those dirty fingers, an act which has gone viral on social media multiple times.

One can’t be sure of what Ronaldo’s weird fetishes might be, but he can probably push actions like these under the rug if he continues scoring for Portugal and taking them afar to World Cup glory.