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Look: Serge Gnabry Shows Up To World Cup In Mickey Mouse Hairdo

Look: Serge Gnabry Shows Up To World Cup In Mickey Mouse Hairdo

There’s something about the World Cup and players opting for the wackiest hairstyles known to mankind, granted most of them manage to pull it off. 

R9 and the semi-circle trim, Baggio and the divine mullet, Beckham and the blonde mohawk, the examples are countless, and they’re iconic. 

Of course, there are plenty of World Cup trims that wildly missed the mark and veered off into the bizarre, and Germany’s Serge Gnabry may have just produced an early contender. 

The German International, who’ll be playing a key role for Die Mannschaft in Qatar, is known for its unique style, be it fashion or grooming. 

Throughout his career, the 27-year-old has opted for a diverse array of haircuts, from braids to afros, and even frosted tips for a short while. 

When paired with his outlandish outfits, which are cold and strange in equal measure, Gnabry stands out as one of Football’s present-day style icons. 

Unfortunately, even we cannot vouch for his WC trim.

As spotted during Germany’s training sessions, Gnabry could possibly be sporting the ‘Mickey Mouse’ during the tournament.

A partition down the middle, with puffs on the side filling for the Disney character’s ears. That’s as Mickey Mouse as it gets.

We can’t rule it out just yet, but it’s unlikely that the iconic character was actually the inspiration for the hairstyle.

Perhaps he took a page out of Marouane Fellaini’s book, who bravely rocked Mickey Mouse-styled bunches for a GQ shoot in an attempt to get across his friendlier side. 

Nevertheless, Gnabry’s attempt was met with poor reactions online, as fans simply couldn’t fathom his choice for a World Cup trim.

We’re going to reserve our judgements until a bit later, an incredible tournament from the German may just transcend the style into an iconic territory,oOr maybe he’ll ditch it entirely, making the images a one-off occasion. 

We’re betting on the latter.