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What is a Mickey Mouse league as photo of Kylian Mbappe goes viral?

What is a Mickey Mouse league as photo of Kylian Mbappe goes viral?

Those who have ventured into the depths of Football Twitter would be familiar with some of the jargon used in exchanges amongst fans.

An example of the lingo is the term ‘Mickey Mouse league’.

What is a Mickey Mouse league?

Named after the iconic Disney character, the term essentially states that a certain league is merely child’s play due to the lack of quality across all teams especially when compared to other leagues across Europe.

The term is a mainstay for Premier League fans who are usually claiming superiority over all other leagues, but it is usually associated with the French league.

So when fans came across an image personifying the term after PSG’s 3-0 win in the Coupe de France clash against SC Feignies, hilarious tweets followed.

Mbappe spotted with ‘Mickey Mouse’ player

The image in focus features PSG star Kylian Mbappe winding up to take a strike with SC Feignies forward Allassane Ouattara looking to get a foot in. Ouattara can be seen sporting twin buns akin to those of the iconic mouse.

Naturally, fans took the opportunity to hammer home their point regarding the lack of quality in French league football.

Real Madrid fans certainly latched on to the photo and turned it into a meme to continue their propaganda to bring Kylian Mbappe to Spain.

Mbappe has long been rumoured to accomplish his dream and join the Los Blancos and this post signified the lack of quality opposition the Frenchman comes across, which just might act as an extra incentive for the 23-year-old.