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Look: Reece James Struts His Stuff In Outrageous £1700 Marni Outfit

Look: Reece James Struts His Stuff In Outrageous £1700 Marni Outfit

When he isn’t turning heads through his exploits on the football pitch, Reece James is busy catching eyes with his unique fashion sense.

The Chelsea fullback always manages to stand out by simply being himself and doing so unapologetically, as evidenced by his distinct clothing style.

During Chelsea’s game against Manchester United last month, the 22-year-old made sure to mark his attendance at Stamford Bridge, and his outfit for the occasion became a topic of discussion online.

The England international sported a snappy green puffer, courtesy of a collaboration between North Face and Gucci. He paired the puffer with a peculiar green hairstyle, and eventually, got trolled online for it.

However, that didn’t deter the fullback from opting for polarizing fashion choices, and he did so once again recently while attending a concert. 

James was present at The O2 Arena for a show by rap duo Dirtbike LB and Young Adz, following which he took to Instagram to share pictures from the event.

One specific picture from the lot captured the attention of fans online, featuring James posing alongside Dirtbike LB while sporting another bizarre outfit.

On this occasion, the Cobham graduate went the luxury route and wore an all-Marni ensemble.

Based in Milan, the fashion label is known for its playful and eccentric designs and has a real fondness for velvet and mohair. 

James’ outfit was an ensemble exemplifying Marni, featuring a striped Mohair sweater paired with similarly designed drawstring trousers. To fit the vibe, he also added a pair of sneakers with thick blue-coloured soles.

As far as cohesion goes, it’s a solid effort. 

As for the design on display, fans were pretty divisive in their opinions.

Nevertheless, the outfit certainly carries plenty of personalities while also bearing quite the price tag.

The sweater will set you back £800, and the trousers come in at £990, making for a whopping grand total of £1790.

It’s best to leave the quirky overpriced drip to the Footballers.