Napoli Set To Release Shocking Rudolph Kit For Christmas

Sometimes, teams get their seasonal kits right. Sometimes, they don’t. And Italian giants Napoli, seem to have leaned toward the latter eventuality. 

In a shocking inadvertent reveal of their jerseys for the Christmas season, Napoli’s child mascots donned the colour blue before the club’s fixture against Udinese on the 12th of November 2022. 

While the colour blue was alright, the kit also had an animation of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, plastered across the t-shirt’s bottom halves. 

Twitter, of course, blew up as soon as the jerseys came to fans’ notice, with users captioning images of the jersey in an absolutely hilarious manner.

The jersey, made by EA7, is likely to be worn by the Italian side in their friendly fixtures scheduled in December 2022. 

The t-shirt is light blue in colour and sports the bright red Lete logo just below the chest, the MSC logo below the Lete logo, and the Napoli symbol on the upper left side of the jersey. 

The v-neck collar and the sleeve ends are also red in colour.

If at all, the kit is actually released for fans to buy, the manufacturers are likely to release sizes for children as well as adults. 

There are reports that suggest that the Christmas-edition jerseys could cost as much as EUR 125. 

It’s worth mentioning that EA7, the official kit manufacturer for Napoli, are a sportswear label owned by Emporio Armani. 

EA7’s Napoli kits have been embroiled in controversy earlier too when there were rumours that Napoli’s kits were being manufactured by Kappa in the same factory, and being sold with the EA7 logo printed on them. 

Regardless, whether or not Napoli actually uses the reindeer-printed kits or not, remains to be seen. 

But for the sake of the club and Armani fashion, let’s hope it stays limited to underage fans. 

Twitter reacts to possible Napoli Christmas kit

@ninesecondmara1 – I believe Napoli released 13 jerseys last season, all at prices way higher than other clubs due to being made by Armani….Terrible precedent I’m ashamed to say!

@Carl75256034 – My five year old would love that 😂

@hendocfc – The poor wee bloke second from left looks like his mum made him wear that

@ferraronnapoli – It should be just a junior kit

@peppology – it’s a kit for children but what have these children done to deserve such a shameful kit instead of the basic one at christmas?

@steampunk_egg – it will make a nice fuel for my chimney fire

@MilanoPaolo33 – Once again. More kits than trophies in their entire history.

@zhewar9985 – Gonna be twice as embarrassing if we lose to them while they wear this kit.

@ProtectTha2nd – That’s a strange place to put Rudolph’s nose 😏

@kimztheman – Inter will be remembered as the team which got beaten by team wearing rudolp shirt, PAIN.