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These Modern Renditions Of 93/94 Leeds United Kits Are A Beaut

These Modern Renditions Of 93/94 Leeds United Kits Are A Beaut

A small pit-stop to the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has given the fans time to revisit their favourite club.

Courtesy of this, a loyal Leeds United fan went back to the ‘90s and pulled out the jerseys which the club donned back in those days.

The season in question was 1993/94 when the Peacocks finished at the fifth spot in the Premier League just below Arsenal and fought till the fourth round of the FA Cup. 

The home kit in that season was a white shirt with a blue collar and a blue-yellow stripe across the centre while the away kit was more in tandem with the badge of the club, having vertical stripes of yellow and blue. 

The third kit of the 1993/94 season had vertical green and dark blue stripes with the badge emblazoned in a circle at the left of the shirt. 

If these kits were to release today, the results would be more colourful as posted on Twitter by the Roaring Peacock, a Leeds United Podcast and YouTube channel.

The home kit would have looked more sturdy, with three horizontal blue stripes and a yellow stripe above and below them.

Similarly, the away kit looks more compact with the colours not too bright, while the third kit in green and dark blue also gives the same impression.

However, the biggest winner is the goalkeeper’s kit, which with a black base that has different shapes swirling around on the shirt with the colours of a rainbow ingrained in them. If this was released today, it will fly off the racks, anyway. 

The only difference is the change in the kit sponsor. Asics used to sponsor Leeds’ jersey back in 1993/94 while Adidas has now taken the charge to provide kits for the Peacocks. Also, SBOTOP appears on the kit at present while Thistle Hotels as per fans add the edge of nostalgia.  

The 2022/23 season home and away jerseys are true to the club’s style on and off the pitch, but the retro look of the ‘90s is a sure hit among the fans of the club who can reminisce a season of glory. 

Many are petitioning to make these jerseys the official kit for the 2023/24 season. It looks like the hard work of the Roaring Peacock might save Leeds United time and money in the upcoming season.