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Thomas Muller’s Wife Pulls Off Shocking Insta Stunt Before Big Game

Thomas Muller’s Wife Pulls Off Shocking Insta Stunt Before Big Game

Thomas Muller and Bayern Munich saw their season crumble in front of their eyes on Wednesday when they lost 2-1 to Real Madrid in the Second Leg of their rollercoaster Champions League Semi Final in some dramatic fashion.

While Muller has suffered a trophyless campaign for only a second time in his career, it has also been a difficult campaign overall and one to forget for the German veteran. One of the nicest guys in football, known for his entertainment value and delightful puns, Muller has barely played football this season for his beloved Bayern Munich.

Although the matters on the pitch couldn’t get worse for Muller, his personal life seems to be uncertain itself. Apparently, his wife Lisa Muller unfollowed him before the game and even archived or deleted a few posts with her husband, causing widespread talk online of separation.

Thomas Muller and Lisa tied the knot in 2009 after two years of dating and have been together since for about 14 years now. Not only Muller, Lisa is also a sportsperson herself. She is an ambitious Dressage rider and an Equestrian.

Regarded by some as Germany’s power sporting couple, the recent social media activity on part of Lisa does look indicative of differences and trouble at home. However it must be noted, this is not the first time Lisa has taken such steps.

Back in 2018, Thomas Muller underwent a similar situation suffering from irregular playing time and his wife Lisa went on the attack with a scathing story on Instagram questioning the then coach Niko Kovac’s decision to bring on Muller so late in the game where Bayern were losing.

It caused a massive public row between Lisa and the club, which came to an end after an apology by the former to Kovac and Bayern but also saw her unfollow her husband and delete all the posts on her Instagram featuring Bayern and Muller.

It’s not a easy time for Thomas Muller and his wife Lisa

While it may have been a show of support to her husband at the time and a way of publicly apologizing, things seem different this time around.

It’s also not the first time the couple have been in the news together for reasons not exactly celebratory. In February of 2022, both of them were questioned for animal cruelty as they chose to sell horse semen online although through regulated channels. A business which has to be shut down for the sake of avoiding penalty.

A drastic step by Lisa spurred on fans online almost instantly. To make matters worse, German publications have contacted her to confirm the news or to know more about it, however she declined to comment any further on the matter. A chain of events increasing the intense speculation of problems in their marriage.

Considering the fun-loving nature of the couple, fans online can’t come to terms with this development.

Some even criticize the focus of Bayern fans on the speculated separation rather than the exit of their team in implosive fashion from the Champions League.

Even though Lisa Muller has unfollowed Thomas for the time being, he continues to follow her on Instagram and hasn’t reacted yet, at least on social media to this development.

While the reasons behind Lisa’s decision remain unclear and inconclusive, Thomas Muller’s time couldn’t get much worse at the moment. A gloomy period for him on the pitch is certainly not helped by the situation at home.

During the similar incident in 2018, Lisa eventually followed Muller back after a day or two when the press had died down. Will it happen this time around remains to be seen.