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Man United Memes Flood UK Twitter as Daniel Khalife Escapes Wandsworth Prison

Man United Memes Flood UK Twitter as Daniel Khalife Escapes Wandsworth Prison

The UK police system was rocked on Wedesday (6 September) when it was discovered that accused terrorist Daniel Khalife had escaped from HM Prison Wandsworth and the UK Twitterari just can’t stop spamming memes about the entire, unfortunate situation.

For those unknowing, Khalife is a former British soldier and accused terrorist, who has been charged with leaking personal information about soldiers that could be used for committing or preparing an act of terrorism. He was also found guilty of setting up a bomb hoax in the UK and was imprisoned in the South West London prison earlier this year.

With his trial due to begin in November, Khalife managed to outwit the officers in the HM Prison Wandsworth to pull off a prison break earlier this week. He had reportedly been working as a chef in the prison kitchen and escaped by “strapping himself to the bottom of a food delivery van”.

Khalife managed to do this at 7:30 AM and the officers in the prison didn’t find out about it until 7:50 AM, after which a major manhunt has ensued. However, he is yet to be found and remains at large, with the UK security system being left red-faced by the entire situation.

Manchester United dragged in Daniel Khalife escape

This entire dramatic saga, which almost feels like a movie or TV series, has brought out of the best of memes from UK Twitter. A lot of the football fans in the country have found perfect material to take aim and mock Manchester United, who have landed themselves in hot water with some serious allegations coming to light in recent days.

The Red Devils have been accused of hosting a convicted paedophile in former Women’s team coach Geoff Konopka as a guest of honor in a recent game. On top of this, they continue to be criticized for how they’ve treated the Mason Greenwood situation and also all the allegations on Antony, who has been accused of assaulting multiple women in the past.

Fans are having a field day in claiming that United would be the ideal football club to shelter the convicted criminal and perhaps even loan him to Getafe, as they did with Greenwood. While UK Twitter keeps having their fun at the expense of the Red Devils, they’ve also been in glee creating memes to make fun of the failed manhunt (so far) and who can be the ideal person to catch the fleeing Khalife.

Which TV stars can take down Khalife?

At a time when the real-life officers seem to be struggling to find Khalife, the Twitteratti have outlined some of the fictional characters who probably wouldn’t have taken this much time to catch him. A number of characters from popular British crime shows have started to be mentioned by some, including Catherine Cawood from ‘Happy Valley’ because of how brilliantly she solved cases and caught criminals in the show.

Fans are also mentioning ‘The Bill’s’ WPC Vicky Hagen as someone who probably would’ve apprehended him by now. There are also some tongue-in-cheek funny recommendations in there too, including that the main characters of Police officers Nicolas Angel (portrayed by Simon Pegg) and  Danny Butterman (portrayed by Nick Frost) in Edgar Wright’s cult-class ‘Hot Fuzz’.

There are some who are theorizing that Khalife has probably already fled the UK and gone somewhere in South America, where he might be viewing all these memes with a smile on his face.

While a lot of people have been appalled by the memes being created on this grave situation, it just exemplifies the British people’s dark sense of humour and the mantra ‘if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry’.

This entire dramatic saga is sure to bring a lot more twists and turns in the days ahead and as it looks like, the UK Twitterrati will be more than ready to dish out the necessary memes for whatever happens.