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FC 24 Slammed over Lisandro Martinez and Josko Gvardiol Ratings Mismatch

FC 24 Slammed over Lisandro Martinez and Josko Gvardiol Ratings Mismatch

FIFA ratings are a source of constant debate around social media platforms whenever a new version of FIFA is released. Although the name has changed from FIFA to FC, the debate ratings of EA haven’t, as fans are quite rattled to find out that Lisandro Martinez is rated higher than Josko Gvardiol.  

FC 24 published by EA Sports marks the inception of a new video, bidding goodbye to the original name of FIFA, a name sentimental among millions of football fans. Features of the game might change; however, certain aspects remain the same. 

The World Cup winner with Argentina, Lisandro Martinez placed higher than his Manchester rival Josko Gvardiol hasn’t gone well with fans, as they have brutally trolled the ratings of FC 24, calling it rigged. 

While the Manchester United defender has been given an 84 overall ranking, the Croatian International received an 82, a ranking that doesn’t justify the 90 million transfer fees, that Manchester City paid to sign the defender from RB Leipzig.  

While United fans are quite happy about the ratings, as they think Lisandro is the better player and as a consequence got a better ranking, City and neutral fans also bought other cards to showcase the fallacy in these ratings.  

The most surprising is the rating between Julian Alvarez and Kai Havertz, as Kai Havertz gets 82, 2 more than the World Cup winner, who is arguably one of the most versatile footballers in the world.  

On the other hand, Ake and Akanji getting 81 and 82 stats respectively, after their treble-winning season has also been a subject of scrutiny. 

How the scorecard looks like 

Coming back to Martinez and Gvardiol, if we take a deeper look at their scorecard, the logical fallacies might be spotted.  

When Martinez joined Manchester United, constant doubt was raised regarding his height and whether he would be able to adapt to the Premier League with his physique. Although he proved all of them wrong by showing his strength and defensive prowess, his physique still isn’t the most threatening. 

Whereas Gvardiol is 6’1 m tall and weighs 80 kg, Martinez is just 5’9″ tall and weighs 77 kg. However, in the last FC rankings, they got the same ranking in the physique department with an 83.

Another very shocking rating has been the passing department where Gvardiol received a shocking 69 compared to Martinez’s 78.  

Gvardiol is regarded as one the best ball-playing center-backs in the world and on top of that an average passer won’t make it into Guardiola’s wish list. According to Infogol, if we see last season’s statistics, Gvardiol while playing for Leipzig, completed 1927 passes with an 89% passing percentage, whereas the Argentine completed 1349 passes with an 87% passing percentage.  

Shooting is another area where Martinez got a 59 score, 5 higher than Gvardiol. However, according to Infogol, Martinez attempted 10 shots with only 1 on target, 6 off target, and 3 blocked. Gvardiol attempted more shots with 14, with 4 on target, 9 off target, and 1 blocked.  

Gvardiol and Martinez are two of the most talented defenders in world football today, playing for the biggest clubs, and playing under two of the best contemporary managers. Who is the better player? EA FC has given its verdict, however, next year, its verdict might change depending on the performance they put on the field.