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Leaked Julian Alvarez FC 24 Rating Sparks Outrage: ‘Doing Him So Dirty’

Leaked Julian Alvarez FC 24 Rating Sparks Outrage: ‘Doing Him So Dirty’

Julian Alvarez had a dream 2023/24 season in which he achieved something that not many before him have, in not only winning the FIFA World Cup but also the European Treble, but it appears that EA Sports does not rate him as highly as most fans, considering how they’ve treated him in his card for the upcoming EA FC 24.

Indeed, the Argentine forward does not seem to have impressed the coders that have developed the upcoming version of EA’s previous FIFA franchise, which has now been shifted to just ‘EA FC’ due to their contract with FIFA coming to an end.

Alvarez proved himself as one of the most exciting young talents in the world with his heroics for both club and country last season.

Of course, he peaked at the World Cup for his national team, emerging as one of their breakout talents and forcing the much more experienced Lisandro Martinez to be benched after the first few games.

He ended up as the third-highest goal-scorer at the World Cup with four goals, guiding Argentina all the way into lifting their third World Cup title.

Indeed, only Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi outscored Alvarez, who scored a stunning brace in the semi-final against Croatia as well as netting important strikes against Australia in the Round of 16 and against Poland in the group stages.

What is Julian Alvarez’s rating in EA FC 24?

After the World Cup euphoria, Alvarez also went onto have a solid campaign with City. Granted that he wasn’t as influential as their star striker Erling Haaland, he still contributed 22 goals (17 goals, five assists) in 49 appearances to help Pep Guardiola win an incredible European Treble.

Despite reaching so many highs last season, it doesn’t look like Alvarez’s achievements have been acknowledged by EA – who seem to have done him dirty for their upcoming EA FC 24 edition.

A leaked version of what is expected to be his rating card for the game shows that the 23-year-old forward will only have an 80 overall rating at the launch of the game.

In comparison, here are some of the young footballers to have a much higher rating than Alvarez despite not achieving his highs from last season or contributing important things to their team’s success last season as him: Florian Wirtz (85), Fikayo Tomori (85) and Alessandro Bastoni (86).

It appears that Alvarez only impressed the developers at EA to warrant a +1 increase from his rating card from FIFA 23, despite achieving so much and delivering the goods in spectacular fashion for both club and country this season.

Fans infuriated by Alvarez’s low rating

Fans are truly baffled by what they have seen in Alvarez’s rating card, believing that he was absolutely robbed by EA. A lot of fans seem to be stunned at seeing him only have a 79 pace attribute, despite showcasing his electric pace last season – especially in his goal against Croatia in the semi-final.

Alvarez is definitely blessed with impressive pace and hm having such a low pace rating makes no sense at all. Moreover, his 81 shooting attribute has also confused some as the forward has scored some amazing strikes over the last season that has proven him as being able to pack a powerful punch with his shooting attempts.

Most fans have agreed that Alvarez deserved a minimum rating of 83-85 based of his heroics from last season. Some are stunned over how he can be rated so low when Lautaro Martinez, the forward he benched at the World Cup, has been given an impressive 87 rating in the same game created by the same developers.

The only possible explanation to EA giving him such a low rating for the upcoming game is because of him not being a regular starter for the Cityzens last season, which they might’ve taken into account into believing that he isn’t that good to be rated in the high or mid-80s.

Irrespective, the developers appear to have completely fumbled the ball by grossly underrating Alvarez – once again proving the notion over why he is considered to be one of the most underrated players in world football.