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Barcelona Get Petty After Video of Jude Bellingham Failing at Two-Touch Drops Online 

Barcelona Get Petty After Video of Jude Bellingham Failing at Two-Touch Drops Online 

Jude’s impeccable form has taken Madrid and Spain by storm, as the 100 million signing has scored 4 goals in 5 matches and is already an icon at the Bernabeu. His iconic open arms celebration is also the talk of the town, as Tennis superstar Carlos Alcaraz also replicated the Real Madrid midfielder’s celebration after his US Open quarter-final victory.  

However, Madrid’s latest Galactico one-touch fail has baffled everyone on Twitter. The English international did not fail just once but more than 5 times while playing with Kyle Walker, Kalvin
Phillips, and Aaron Ramsdale during International duty, and fans are questioning how this guy is one of the best midfielders in the world playing for the biggest team in the world while failing to do the basics, that even amateur footballers would do effortlessly.

One more concern that people have raised is the fact that Kyle Walker is giving Jude first-touch advice, however, seeing the former Borussia Dortmund’s first touches, hardly any advice can make it worse. 

Consequently, Barcelona fans were quick to compare him to Pedri, as they shared the Spaniard’s smooth ball control and effortless one-touch. 

On top of that, Barcelona’s official account on X, joined in on the ongoing Jude slander, as they shared a video of Pedri and Fermin Lopez’s facile display of two touches ultimately bringing in a barrage of comparisons eventually leading to another routine Culers vs. Madridista situation. 

There is no denying the fact that Barcelona players make the simple look quite poetic. Their obsession with close ball control, rondos, and one-touches is a reflection of their footballing philosophy, however, other footballing teams and their respective fans often share their resentment towards their grumpiness and fixated ideology. 

Real Madrid fans on the other hand aren’t paying much attention to the epic one-touch fail of their number 5 as they think it’s pure jealousy that is driving Barca fans as their number 8 is injured whereas Bellingham is dominating the game day in and day out.  

From a footballing perspective, if Bellingham’s one touch is as bad as it looks, it shows how irrelevant these things might be as the 20-year-old is bossing the Real Madrid midfield, is one of the most important players in the England national team, and is widely regarded as a complete midfielder.  

In today’s day and age, where ball juggling, freestyle football, and crazy skills are seen as style statements, it starkly contradicts the essential requirements to be a footballer. Jude supposedly has what it needs, and it’s not one-touches.