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Look: Gabriel Magalhaes Takes on a New Role as a Hair Transplant Ambassador

Look: Gabriel Magalhaes Takes on a New Role as a Hair Transplant Ambassador

Gabriel Magalhaes has always been a believer; he was one of Mikel Arteta’s earliest signings when the Spaniard took charge of the club in the 19/20 season. Mikel joined in September 2019 and bought the Brazilian center-back from French club, Lille in December 2020 for a fee of 27 Million Pounds.

The center back was instrumental last season for the gunners as they closely missed out on the Premier League title, tarting all 38 games for Arteta’s side. He has been one of the earliest believers in Arteta’s vision as he looked to revitalize Arsenal, another thing that he is a big believer of revitalizing is his hairline.

The Brazilian last year approached one of the best in the game to help him with his hairline issue which was Turkish, Dr Emrah Cinik Clinic in Istanbul. The Turkish clinic is regarded as one of the leading specialists in hair transplants in the world.

The treatment seems to have worked wonders, as after his surgery last year Gabriel was seen rocking his mini afro along with a tidy shape up on and off the pitch. If someone that didn’t know the player and about his frequent visits to Istanbul would never be able to make out that he was facing balding issues.

The Clinic however, has reportedly tried to expand their market to England an eagle-eyed Arsenal fan spotted the clinic’s advert on a black cab in the city. How did he identify the clinic you may ask? it was because the ad included the photo of pre-transplant Gabriel along with Dr. Cinik.

Many Gooners believe that Gabriel was done dirty here as this was quite an exposure of the players private activities and related to a subject that is quite touchy for men all across the globe as a lot of them face early onset hair loss. A fan went as far as saying “I’d be fuming if I was him”.

However, one should understand that the likes of Gabriel and Ter Stegen that are so open and transparent about their hair loss are quite brave and are setting a positive standard in society as balding is nothing to be ashamed of.

Dr Cinik’s website explains how ” Gabriel struggled with hair loss, significantly impacting his confidence on and off the field. As a professional athlete, Gabriel’s appearance is integral to his brand. He knew addressing his hair loss was crucial to maintaining his image and advancing his career.”

The defender will surely receive a fair bit of banter for the ad from his Brazil teammates’ camp in Belem as he is set to feature for the Selecao‘s opening World Cup 2026 qualifier against Bolivia.