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The Mockery of John Terry by Fulham – Is it Linked to the 2002 FA Cup Semi-Final?

The Mockery of John Terry by Fulham – Is it Linked to the 2002 FA Cup Semi-Final?

John Terry has had a career only few people can dream of. Regarded as one the greatest Centre-backs of all time, he won 5 Premier League, 5 FA Cups, 1 Europa League, and 1 Champions League. He played 492 matches for Chelsea and 78 for his country. 

However, the last match of his professional career didn’t end on a good note, and it has come back to haunt the former Blues and England captain again. 

John Terry in a social media spat with a Fulham fan 

Recently on X, formerly known as Twitter, John Terry lost his cool as he spat back at a Fulham fan. It all began when @TalkBees asked its followers this week, “What is your favorite ever Brentford shirt?” This query sparked a discussion, with The Ealing Road Podcast expressing a peculiar fondness for a particular Brentford kit, calling it “weird warmth”. 

In the attached photo, there was an image capturing Neal Maupay’s stoppage-time equalizer against Fulham in the latter stages of the 2017/18 season. This crucial goal prevented Fulham from securing an automatic promotion spot, leading them into the Championship playoffs, where they eventually overcame John Terry’s Aston Villa.  

Everything was fine till then, until a Fulham fan, named @BenBenSCCC , meddled in the matter by bringing up Terry’s name. He would remind everyone of the poignant moment when Thomas Cairney’s play brought John Terry to tears in his farewell game in front of the “White Wall”.  

However, John Terry, the former Chelsea captain, noticed the tweet and offered a disdainful response: “I have won more trophies since I retired than Fulham have in 50 years. One team in London, and it will NEVER be Fulham! “ 

The icing on the cake was when Fulham also got into the conversation and replied by putting a GIF of Jay from the Inbetweeners.  

John Terry’s winner against Fulham 

The rivalry between Fulham and Chelsea is often referred to as the West London Derby. While it may not be as high-profile as some other London derbies like the North London Derby (Arsenal vs. Tottenham) or the Chelsea vs. Arsenal rivalry, it has its unique history and moments. 

Historically, Fulham and Chelsea have been in close geographical proximity, being based in West London, which has fueled the rivalry. However, Chelsea has generally been the more successful and high-profile club, while Fulham has had periods of success but spent a significant portion of their history in the lower divisions. 

John Terry’s moment of glory would come against The Cottagers in an FA Cup semi-final match, back in 2002, when John Terry scored the only goal of the game, sending Chelsea into the finals against another London rival, Arsenal.  

Who knows if the Fulham fans and admin have still not gotten over the moment below –