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Chelsea Icon John Terry Confesses to Being a Barcelona Fan

Chelsea Icon John Terry Confesses to Being a Barcelona Fan

Ever since being founded in 1905, Chelsea FC have gone on to create a storied history. The London club have ‘won it all’, an achievement they owe to figures such as Roman Abramovich, Ken Bates, Jose Mourinho etc, and of course, to the numerous legends of the club. 

Near the summit on the list of the Blues’ greatest is undoubtedly John Terry, if not at the very top. 

The Cobham graduate made his debut in 1998, beginning his two decade long spell, which saw plenty of success. Adored by Blues fans, the former England international was famously dubbed as ‘Captain, Leader, Legend’, and is still hailed as one of the most important players in Chelsea history. 

However, through an Instagram q/a session conducted by the 41-year-old yesterday, some intriguing new information came to light, which goes on to suggest that perhaps Terry’s heart isn’t entirely blue after all. 

The questions directed at Terry by fans included enquiries into his favorite away stadium and also the opposition/players he had the most difficulty playing against. 

In response, Terry stated that Barcelona under Pep Guardiola were the ‘best team ever’ in his generation, and also went on to laud Leo Messi and Ronaldinho as the toughest players he came up against. The former Villa player also hailed Camp Nou as his favourite away venue, which started to stir up the imagination of fans. 

Soon enough, a fan finally asked him if he was indeed a secret Barca supporter. Without hesitation Terry responded affirmatively, saying –  ‘Yes I am, I love Barcelona.’ 

The revelation led to quite the reaction on Twitter, as Barca fans used the fact to one-up those in the Blue corner. Terry hasn’t shone away from expressing his adoration for the Blaugrana in the past, despite the bitter rivalry the clubs share, the Blues Legend clearly found a lot to admire in the Spanish outfit.