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Is Jack Harlow Team Ronaldo or Messi? Concert Attendees Find Out

Is Jack Harlow Team Ronaldo or Messi? Concert Attendees Find Out

The Lionel Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo debate has defined an entire generation of football. The two titans have consistently competed at the highest level, creating a rivalry that has often managed to overshadow the footballing landscape. 

Legions of fans on Twitter debate the topic daily, YouTube compilations serve up highlights to aid your judgment, and even pundits launch into back and forths in attempts to the definitive answer.

Everybody has an opinion, and the latest individual to make theirs public is Grammy-nominated artist Jack Harlow.

The avid Chelsea fan has been following Football ever since he was little, and has even hailed Ronaldinho as his idol. During the recent Wireless Festival, a fan directed the infamous question at Harlow, “Messi or Ronaldo”, and it didn’t take long for the rapper to respond.

Without much hesitation, the rapper replied “Messi”, an answer which excited nearby fans.

Nevertheless, he also made sure to show love for CR7 at Rolling Loud Portugal as seen in this clip. 

Harlow shouted out the hometown hero, drawing cheers from fans.  Naturally, the crowd eventually broke into a chorus of ‘siuuuu’, with the rapper joining in as well. 

Despite making his preference known, Harlow managed to celebrate both players, a quality many fans can certainly learn from.